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    What Now...?

    Yeah, but that'd be a obvious choice.
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    How to lower torch light level They made a in-house mod for it.
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    What Now...?

    Well, a few Shard of Laputa Power XX may be in order then. Build a Corporea Index. Some Flugial Tiara... Rod of Bifrost... A Luminizer Transport network, complete with support for mobs on some tracks... ideally for a shooting gallery. ...does Infinity have HEE? That look's like a mod that...
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    What Now...?

    What mod is the guardian of gaia from, if not Botania? A few things need gaia spirits and some are just too cool to not make.
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    Dealing with the RotaryCraft XP

    A really big RC steel tank with high priority and a low priority BC tank with a void pipe extracting from it would do nicely.
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    Wakey wakey mods...

    The mob in question is the enderman, right?
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    How high up the Kardashev scale can you realistically get in MC?

    Is this a question of individuals or as a whole? Like, can YX33A pass K1 or can anyone pass K1? If as a whole, K5 is possible. Consumption of such power and storage aside, one could "easily" generate such power. Your back of the envelope equation would indicate this @malicious_bloke and if...
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    [CHALLENGE] (v4.3-ish 6/7/18) Refugee to Regent Kingdom Building Challenge

    Actually, it's a TC4 'enhanced' mob. They get a special effect, and tougher ones drop better loot bags.
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    [CHALLENGE] (v4.3-ish 6/7/18) Refugee to Regent Kingdom Building Challenge

    For the record, warded mobs are immune to damage if their warding is active. Press the attack hard enough, the ward breaks, the foe dies.
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    [CHALLENGE] (v4.3-ish 6/7/18) Refugee to Regent Kingdom Building Challenge

    Kinda makes me wonder if a dupe I knew of that involved TE3 and TiC still works.
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    Which modpacks do you think are overrated or underrated?

    As a personal thing, I find AgS Overrated. I feel somewhat the same about many HQM packs, but a few interest me. As for underrated packs, well, TPPI is totes underrated. But I may be a tiny bit biased.
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    [CHALLENGE] (v4.3-ish 6/7/18) Refugee to Regent Kingdom Building Challenge

    Crosspost GO! I plan on trying the challenge soon-ish, if you have room for another modded tester. Gonna go Anglo-Saxon and do eet advanced mode. I do need to stabilize my current instance first, though. Somehow it's gotten very unstable. Lag gets bad almost instantly, and all but...
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    Best energy sources?

    Bingo. Hence the guide text for it; "The Bullet Guys. I bit it."
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    Best energy sources?

    Early Game: Daybloom Fields feeding into a mana flux field Mid Game: Hydragnes feeding into a mana flux field Late Game: Hydragnes feeding into a bunch of mana flux fields, in a sort of nuclear cooling tower for mana. 100% renewable and other ways exist as well even in my new favorite mod...
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    [CHALLENGE] (v4.3-ish 6/7/18) Refugee to Regent Kingdom Building Challenge

    As a semi-active member of the FTB forums and a semi-active watcher of content in this thread and various LPs invoving it, heyo @Monarch_of_Gold nice to meet you.
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    Iron farms in FTB Infinity?

    Thing is, though, the amount of zombies that spawn naturally and the amount of spawners for zombies is very high, plus they occasionally drop other resources of value, not to mention almost anything they drop has uses in modded minecraft as a power source, either raw or processed.
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    Iron farms in FTB Infinity?

    Zombies drop iron occasionally. Just a thought.
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    Easiest/Best way to obliterate all silverfish/monster eggs from your game?

    World edit isn't a mod, it's a program. And yes, unless you use it, it won't do anything(even if it is a mod, this is true). My advice, since no one has said this yet, is before using World Edit, backup your world that you're going to use it on; safety first. And most mods these days use .cfg...
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    Draconic Armor is broken OP

    They had one big advantage, though; they were fairly simple and people knew about them. Or maybe two, if one takes that as two points. A good mob farm could net you a massive sum of EMC if set up correctly and you used high-ish value objects, AKA blaze rods. This was doubly true since as they...
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    Village Expanding from Blood Magic?

    Highest altar was 5, and I'm fairly sure it still is. Highest Orb may soon be T7. Or maybe is.