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    I've made a site to help share Buildcraft Blueprints. Enjoy.

    I've made this site partially for practice, partially because I enjoy playing FTB. Let's get a few obvious questions out of the way: Q: What is this site about? A: It's a site dedicated towards the sharing of blueprints. Blueprints come from a mod called Buildcraft. If you don't know what...
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    I've made a site to share Buildcraft blueprints. Enjoy I guess.

    I have absolutely no idea if this is the right section of the forum to post in, but here it goes. I'm a web dev and I've made a site for Buildcraft blueprints. The whole idea is that you can upload a blueprint(along with screenshots) and other users can download it and, well, use it. It makes...
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    Spigot and DW20

    So long story short, I tried using Spigot, namely this one - - on my Dw20 server, latest version. It started up properly, no issues there. But as soon as somebody logs in, the server crashes. I have no idea why. Has anybody else encountered this problem before?
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    Whitelist Server AMCS | v1.0.19 | MC 1.6.4 | Whitelist | 24/7 | No lag | Only 18+

    Hello, I've recently started to play FTB again and I couldn't find a server of my liking. With that being said, I've decided to make my own. I'm a 26 year old guy who basically just wants to have some fun after work with a few like minded people. And FTB is my drug of choice. How to get...
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    [Mystcraft] I'm trying to create a specific age and I'm failing miserably

    I'm trying(and failing miserably) to create a Mystcraft age in which I'd like to create a new base. I have a lot of symbols but I suck at Mystcraft and always get an age completely unrelated to what I put in the Age Book. So, what I'm trying to get is an age with the following: Bright Light No...
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    [DW20] Several questions regarding machines used with UU Matter

    I'm playing DW20 - 1.6.4 and the lack of ingame documentation is simply frustrating. Long story short, I want to use UU Matter, apparently it's a liquid now. I figured(after way to many searches on google) that I need Scanner -> Pattern Storage -> Replicator. But now I'm stuck on creating...
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    Microblocks causing players to disconnect

    I'm having this very weird issue with microblocks, any micro blocks you can think of. Whenever a player places, steps on or is otherwise in the vicinity of a microblock he gets disconnected. The server is Dw20 1.5 v1.1.2 I'm hoping somebody else encountered this problem also and perhaps knows a...
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    Problem Tekkit costumizer config keeps getting reset to the default values

    This is REALLY frustrating. I'm using it on a FTB DW20 1.5 server. Before anyone asks I'm sure I used spaces and NOT tabs when banning certain items. Here's what it looks like when I configure it. And here's what it looks like after I upload it to the server and start it up. As you can see the...
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    Any way to a certain number of items per player?

    I want players to be able to own say a maximum of 5 Quarrys(or whatever). I don't know of any plugin that can do that...thoughts?
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    Looking for a guide/tutorial on how to setup a DW20 server

    I want to start a server for a few friends, about 10-ish people total. After some debate we settled on DW20 - MC v1.5. This is the first time I attempt to run a server related to MC. Not to mention since it has mods I'm sure I'll into a lot of trouble. I read the sticky tutorial but it seems...
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    A Minecraft survey - related to servers, type of play, etc

    Link to survey This survey is mostly directed towards vanilla players but it includes questions related to mods, so keep an open mind. The survey is somewhat long so it may take some time. Thanks for answering.
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    DW20 server newby questions and concerns

    Mornin' I'll cut right to the chase. I have an acquaintance who's running a DireWolf20 server and asked me for a little help. I do have a fair amount of experience running 3 Tekkit servers, but truth be told, DW20 is completely new to me. Point is I want to make a few improvements to the...
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    Help me understand a more advanced startup file, please

    Hello, I was browsing the forums and came across this thread. Very informative thread, I'd like to thank Woodopriest and clodan for taking the time to write it. The problem is I'm honestly looking at it and not understanding it at all. I know it's about java garbage collection, but that's...
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    SSP MystCraft map corruption(?)

    I was playing in SSP, I used a Descriptive Book to teleport for the first time to dimension 56. Following, FTB crashed and will not load the map. I don't want to lose it since I invested quite a bit of time in it. I tried moving Steve to the Overworld with MCedit but with no luck, the same...
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    Advanced Machines not showing up in NEI and can't be crafted

    I added the Advanced Machines mod, for Centrifuge Extractor, Rotary Macerator etc, and the machines don't show up in NEI, can't be crafted and so on. I don't get any errors at all. Tried googling the problem but nothing of relevance showed up. Anybody care to help me out?
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    Any way to /sethome in SSP

    I'm playing in SSP, I installed fihgus mod for basic commands like /sethome and /warp. It works, but for whatever reason, if I exit the world I'm currently on and re-enter it all of the commands from fihgus will stop working. It doesn't output any errors, it just stops working. I'm running on...