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    Open Server Unleashed|SG|Now Open to the Public|GriefPrevention|GriefLog|Dedicated|Mumble

    I don't recommend this server.. I played on here for like a week and I had some family problems and I had to quit... so on my white-list app he says since i left that i was immature and always asking for items... Not once did I ask for something. Overall I didn't see him on the server and it was...
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    Whitelist Server [1.6.4] ArgentumCraft | DireWolf 1.0.7 - [16+][NEW WORLD][BOP][Mature Players][Great Community]

    Age (16+): 16 Experience with FTB and/or mods: 3 Months What is your favorite mod in FTB?: Beeeees How long have you been playing FTB or Modded Minecraft in general?: 2 Years IGN (In Game Name): TooFabulous Anything comments or concerns?: I just cant wait to have a fun community to play with.
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    Whitelist Server Looking for Youtubers - FTB Unleashed Server/ Whitelist/ Mature/ 1.1.4

    IGN: TooFabulous Age (18+ only): 16 Do you have any experience with the mods in the modpack?: Yes I have tons. Im a very fast learner. On average, how many hours per week do you play Minecraft?: As much as I can. How long do you intend to play on the server?: As long as its up Do you have...
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    Whitelist Server Fusion-Craft|Ultimate|White list|Grief Prev|1.1.2|TS3|Keep items on death|Essentials

    1. Forum name: TooFabulous 2. In-Game Name: TooFabulous 3. Age: 15 4. Country: U.S. 5. Have you ever been banned? why? No 6. Do you understand that we won't tolerate cursing in the public chat? Yes sir. 7. What can you bring to the community? I need a fun community with some fun people to hang...
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    Whitelist Server [NoodlePowered][FTB Ultimate][Whitelist][Growing Community][Dedicated Machine 24/7][Mature]

    1) Your Minecraft Username: TooFabulous 2) Your age: 15 3) Tell us about yourself: I like to play the ftb modpack, I like to have a server that is a small community and nice! And no donation Pressure :) 4) Have you ever griefed before? Np 5) Have you ever used unfair mods (Example: X-Ray...
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    Whitelist Server Egredietur | Unleashed 1.1.3 | Whitelist | Nothing banned

    IGN: TooFabulous Age: 15 Location(Country): United States If bringing people, how many: My self
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    Whitelist Server New Unleashed 1.1.4 white-list server

    In game name: TooFabulous Age: 15, I turn 16 in a month and I am very mature. Why you want to join: I need a server that is fun, not laggy, and no donation pressure. FTB experience: 3 Months How often you plan on playing: As long as I can!
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    Whitelist Server FTBNovas [Unleashed 1.1.5] [Whitelist] [Plugins] [25 Slots] [Griefprevention]

    What is your Minecraft username? TooFabulous Have you been banned or kicked from a server before? No What is your location or time zone? EST Why do you want to join? I like whitelsited servers with no donation pressure. What experience do you have with in Feed The Beast? 2 months What is your...
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    Whitelist Server [1.6.4] JCraft Dedicated Server 100+ Tech mods and more!

    Owners of Greg and tinkerscinstruct got in a fight... So its one or another
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    Whitelist Server [Illidan] [FTB Unleashed ] [v1.1.4] [Whitelist] [24/7] [30 Slots] [CH DEDICATED]

    In-Game Name: TooFabulous Name: Corbin Age: 15 How active will you be? Active How much experience do you have on Feed the Beast? Alot!!! What is your timezone? Eastern U.S. Do you plan on filming/streaming? I used to, not no more. Do you believe we will ever invent bacon tasting carrots? Sure...
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    Whitelist Server [1.6.4] JCraft Dedicated Server 100+ Tech mods and more!

    How do I do this im so confused do i manually do this?
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    Whitelist Server [1.6.4] JCraft Dedicated Server 100+ Tech mods and more!

    Hey man I'm at school right now. Its gunna be awhile... Once I get home I'll get in -TooFab
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    Whitelist Server [1.6.4] JCraft Dedicated Server 100+ Tech mods and more!

    Name: TooFabulous Age: 15 Experience with the mods/vanilla MC: Quite a bit I wanna learn some new more advanced ones! What do you bring to the table? I bring a fun person who is mature and has a good time playing! Anything else that may make us like you: I am just really friendly and love to...
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    Whitelist Server NOM Gaming - Unleashed 1.1.3 | Mature 18+ Community | Plugins/Market | TeamSpeak | Staffed

    Name: Corbin Minecraft Username: TooFabulous Age: 15 Describe your Minecraft experience: I play FTB Unleashed and I would love to find a new fun server to chill and have fun in. Are you a social player?: Yes, Yes I am. Have you played with anyone within NOM Gaming before: No. Why do you want to...
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    Whitelist Server Triple Nation | Unleashed | Whitelist | PvE | Mature 16+ | TS3 | Plugins | Events | Dedicated Server

    In Game Name: TooFabulous Age: 15 New to mods: Not at all About yourself: I had played on a server that was shut down due to a duplication glitch... I was playing on it for months before 80% of the server abused this glitch... The server admin had shut it down about 3-4 days ago. I plan to join...
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    Whitelist Server REFER TO NEW THREAD ABOVE

    Age: 15 Country: U.S. Timezone: Eastern Minecraft IGN: TooFabulous Skype or Teamspeak: Teamspeak and my skype is tofab4you1 A little about yourself: I love to play minecraft mod packs, im a mature chill person and like to crack a joke every once and awhile. What do you think when I say...