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    New Series - TFC with Mead!

    Let me know what you think!
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    Updates on my end

    It's been challenging for me recently. Other than fighting off getting bored often in Minecraft, my eldest rat died, and another has had a surgery, then the boyfriend got a sinus infection. ^^;; Buuuuut, thanks to Sengir, some of my Minecraft spark has been coming back and I wanted to update...
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    This modpack that is being used is a BETA modpack. Not everything (changelog updating, server/client issues, etc) is completely ironed out yet. The launcher development team and the newly formed modpack team have been working on all these issues and they will be fixed once the first release...
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    Hey ya'll!

    If you have any questions, requests, whatever, you can post them in this section of the forums. You can find me at: An actual stream schedule will come... soon-ish.