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    Minecraft Darwin Awards 2014

    So, for those of you who don't know, the Darwin awards are a satirical, tongue in cheek honour that is given to people who have removed themselves from the genepool in the most ridiculously stupid way possible. Charles Darwin was the one who is credited for the phrase "natural selection" and...
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    Well... it was bound to happen, Greg is nerfing base IC2 nerfed scaffolds to give only 4 per recipe... sigh... that's literally the only thing I use in the entirity of IC2 since 1.2.5... :/
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    7 Days To Die

    Mix Minecraft with DayZ and you have 7 days to die! I've really been enjoying it a LOT, it's super fun to make elaborate bases and have to defend them every night. If you haven't seen this give Rhinocrunch a look on youtube, he has some nice vids on it (also is in with the devs) So have you...
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    Mojang Update Plan

    So this video is about the story of Mojang and how it came to be... but this screenshot here is what I found most interesting: Now this is from back in 2011 so some of these have already happened, but, right at the top of the list: MOD SUPPORT! The video is and that is from 20 minutes in...
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    Little bit batsh*t MFR laser setup

    So my first attempt just used an energy tesseract supplying power to the prechargers, and an item tess taking the mats from the drill. Pretty standard stuff. Then I added 4 more lasers. Using a liquid tesseract I took steam from my main base and fed it into a large AtomSci reactor turbine. To...