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    Alternatives to MFFS

    I'm close to making the decision to pull MFFS from my server. I run a small private server without pack support. Distributing updates requires that I notify players in advance, which isn't always possible. MFFS in its current state is highly unstable. I'd argue that it's more trouble than it's...
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    1.7.10 - A Total Degragation of Performance

    I'm not even sure where this thread goes, let me just get that one out of the way. Has anyone who's moved over to 1.7.10 (and it's roster of mods) noticed plummeting tickrates and spiking MS? Just look at this: and this: I'm...
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    List of monitoring tools

    I made a thread in the tech support area about tracking down the source of some pretty massive ping spikes (bursts of 1000 ping). Over the past week I've been pulling my hair out attempting to diagnose this issue. I've gone as far as to dump the server onto my girlfriend's computer while she is...
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    Solved Unusual ping spikes/high ping

    I'm running into a peculiar issue with a small server I run. I'm looking to bounce ideas off of someone as I'm completely stumped. I've run every test I can in an attempt to diagnose the problem. Some information: I am running mcpc+ I am using a VPS Mod list:
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    UE Cable's dominate server tickrate

    I've been relying heavily on the universal properties of Mekanism's Universal Cables for just about all of my power transferring needs, until today. For the past three days or so my VPS provider has been having a few CPU issues (probably node abuse again). This prompted me to seek out any and...
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    Server randomly terminating without error

    This isn't a problem with a perticular FTB pack so, I'm not posting it in support. I am however, hoping that a member of this community might be able to help me identify what exactly is happening here. I've always had issues getting my server to boot on my Linux VPS due to the server...
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    High Range Item ID Hell

    Is there any way to dump high range item ids that stretch beyond 4096. I'm pulling my hair out here in trying to make sure no items are overwriting one another, which has proven to be next to impossible. Another issue I've run into stems from some nonsensical behavior from forge its self. Forge...
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    Powerconverters + Conductive pipes

    I posted a help thread in support once before.. it was blatantly ignored. I hope the same fate doesn't befall this thread. I'm playing on Minecraft 1.5.2 with the newest version of powerconverters and, Buildcraft installed. For what ever reason, conductive pipes refuse to extract power from...
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    Leaves not decaying on MultiFarms

    I've set up a couple of large MultiFarms (don't ask me to switch to steve's carts as they do not support modified trees) and, I couldn't help noticing that they were unable to keep up with a single 36HP steam boiler. Now, in the past, properly powered, I have run two 36HP boilers off of a single...
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    Advanced Pump not Chunk Loading

    I've finally made the jump to Greg's Advanced Pump, with one single complication: This pump refuses to operate via any available chunk loader. I've used World Anchors, Spot Loaders, Chickenbones's Chunk Loaders, and I've even stuck a chunk loading turtle beside it to no avail. What really...
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    My friend was finally able to convince me to stop lurking and, take a more active approach to becoming part of the community so here I go. Hello random people. While I don't use a specific pack I play with a majority of mods found in the ultimate pack. This seems to be the place to go when it...