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    MJ Transportation, No Tesseracts

    I'm looking for a way to power my city (planing to be 500x500 at least) from a single location to the rest of the city. My own personal rules to this project are no tesserracts, no lava generation, no enderchests. The problem is that I'm about 70% sure that if I run conduits all over in the...
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    Butterfly Suicide Help

    So, I'm trying to create a dome where butterflies will remain in the room, but they keep suffocating in the walls. Any Ideas to get around this?
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    Applied Energistics vs. Metallurgy Crash

    Hey guys, I know this is only a crash between the two mods because my minecraft runs great if its one or the other. My assumption is that they are fighting over the same ID's which i thought i found and fixed (900 and 901) but its still crashing. So im assuming that its somewhere else. Has...
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    Is this a code bug? CC

    edit:53? I'm on pack 152wgt version 0.8
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    All ComputerCraft, Misc. Peripherals, and Turtle Questions Here

    Just to clean up the forums like we did with the "simple question, simple answer" thread, here is one for all questions relating to Computercraft, Misc. Peripherals, and anything to do with programming. Please post in the following format: 1)Goal 2)Problems 3)Code or Discussion We are here...
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    Compress All the Enchanted Books! (CC problem)

    Hey guys, I know when people ask about ComputerCraft sometimes they can be confusing in asking what they want. So I will try to make it as clear as I can. Goal: To compress Enchanted Books such as "Looting I" up to "Looting III" (adding "Looting I" in an auto-anvil with "Looting I" to get...
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    Trading Post Block

    Has anyone tried this yet? I've be attempting to use it but it seems horribly inconsistent. 1)Villager trades do not show up when in range 2)Villager trades do show up, while in range, however when the selection is pressed, console message says "Villager out of range" 3)When a new villager...
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    lua, lua, lua

    Hey guys, I've been trying to create a monitor in my base to have complete access to all of my spawners as well as keep track of my power and liquid levels. However, I can't figure out how to combine the os.pullEvent("monitor_touch") with the constant update of my power/liquid levels. Since...
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    How do you use thaum scanner upgrade?

    I've been messing around with turtles and code recently but this one escapes me. I'm able to wrap the peripheral but don't know how to use the .getAuraNode() to put the data into variables and how to read them. Does anyone know?
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    Filler not Fillering-ing

    He guys, I consider myself pretty good at FTB but this one has me stumped. I cant get the filler to run on this spot. It is receiving power, the area has the tape, and the clear recipe is in the filler. Any ideas?
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    Windows .exe Crash when entering server (Mindcrack)

    Whenever I try to connect to my usual server, I crash. This just started happening. I did search around and I'm sure I have Java 7. Any ideas? P.S. What is the spoiler tag so i can post the crash log?
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    Windows .exe Multiplayer Lag (not internet)

    I have been playing on my usual server, however now I have so much lag when I log on, I end up timing out. Ex: Can't break blocks, can't open inventories And no framerate lag. My roommate that uses a different computer can log in perfectly fine with no lag. So it has to do something with my...
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    Multifarms and Buildcraft Gates

    Other than being able to turn off a side or the whole farm with a redstone signal, is there any way for the buildcraft gates to pick up a full inventory signal or any other conditionals? I have tried all sides with a farm control block as well.