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  1. AndersWithTheCat

    Bug Server Listings question And Request of feature

    Hi i have been using FTB website for ages now. and i had my fair share of Servers posted on the site. but it seems like theres a bug or something with the server listings and rating system? so what im seening is i got 30 reviews but only 25 shows up and it says 4.47 stars even tho every review...
  2. AndersWithTheCat

    WithTheCat - AndersWithTheCat Mixer Streamer!

    Come join and maybe also get whitelisted if you feel like it! Servers:
  3. AndersWithTheCat

    Expert mode 8 Man base! (post your stuff too):D

    Hallo Anders here! here is a little Tour of our 8man Expert mode base! link with text to the pictures Base 03-03-2016
  4. AndersWithTheCat

    Request Server Bump 24hr system?

    hey since last year were you guys changed the server Advet from a fourm bases to a list, the server just got down and down, but it would be better if there was a bump bottem for every 1-2 days so active servers would be able to be seen easyer:)
  5. AndersWithTheCat

    Streaming some FTB infinity 2.3.0 on the [WTC] server!!!

    Hallo peps Anders here just started streaming again come over if you feel like it:)
  6. AndersWithTheCat

    About Time:3

    Hallo World of FTB:D waited a good 2 years to say hallo after endless of playing and helping a few peps, but here iam My Name is Anders as you might see. im 17 years old currently(18 the 04.04.15) i live in denmark Currently sitting and doing nothing untill the end of this summer. mainly what...
  7. AndersWithTheCat

    Christmas Presents Show(Picture's)

    Hello Guys well im gonna start of by Showing a part of my gifts And a Kit of 16gb of ram, and loads of Cloth and things most people will say it boring:)
  8. AndersWithTheCat

    Problem Ender IO Dimensional transceiver Reset's?

    for some reason all ender io frequencies just clear all over the server, and i have no clue whats does it, if happens everytime the server restarts, and i know its saving it probaly, as Thermal's frequencies is still there and other server files, so i was thinking its a bug?
  9. AndersWithTheCat

    Request Can't remove poll from post?

    is there a way to remove a poll from a post? post link:
  10. AndersWithTheCat

    Server Host?

    Well me and my buddy is starting up a little danish, game server community, but we started with a server at but there keep getting ddosed so, now im here to ask anyone know a good server host that hosts Counter Strike Source(yes people still play that game) i looked at...
  11. AndersWithTheCat

    Problem Crash Report[Need help]

    now i have gotten this the past 2 days on my server but im kinda lost
  12. AndersWithTheCat

    Need help with RToolKit

    i have a little server running direwolf20 pack, but some times it crashes and i need it to restart right after and i got told that rtoolkit is the way, but simply i can't find the 1.6.4 virsion and idk if its the same way you install it as 1.7 so if anyone have time to guide me or help me, i...
  13. AndersWithTheCat

    Problem Direwolf20 cauldron(old MCPc+) Crashes

    okey frist off idk if im installing it wrong i start of by using the cauldron in a folder running the server, closing it down after start up, then i take the mods folder from the dire server and the config folder and run there server and then crash, Frist Crash Crash node...
  14. AndersWithTheCat

    Bukkit Forge or MCPC?

    was wondering which i should use, using Bukkit forge atm, but i hear all around that people use MCPC Which one should i use?
  15. AndersWithTheCat

    About Done (need some help for anti grief)

    im about done with permissions the only thing i need is to add banned items, i havn't been playing that much with all the mods so for me it kinda unknown what items i shouldt ban, if you guys can sendt me Where single item name you can thing of, so i can se what of them i need to ban, and what i...
  16. AndersWithTheCat

    Windows .exe hmm can any one tell me why it doing this

    this have happen to me yesterday and keeps doing it even reintalled ftb(deleted all fils and download it again) and i don't know whats worng ,
  17. AndersWithTheCat

    Problem Server Ram Problem Need Help!

    Hey Ftb Dopes! i have a big problem i have been working on the past 2 days and i can't find out why and how i downloaded the ftb server unleashed 1.1.4 and it comes with the ''java -Xms512m -Xmx1G -XX:MaxPermSize=128M -jar ftbserver.jar'' and it start perfectly with it, but then i try to add...
  18. AndersWithTheCat

    im Looking For the best server host?

    me and my frined has start a little project, wee are looking for a What support SSD, and have packs for 5gb of ram, have been looking at creeperhost(NoSSD's),fragnet(quiet costy) If you know and good hosts what support both 5gb of ram and SSD please say, :D -Anders
  19. AndersWithTheCat

    Windows 8 not working?

    Hey FTB Dev, yesterday i got my self a new pc and i start downloading all my programs (java,games,skype,etc...) and then i started ftb it didnt find more then 1gb of ram, i tryed making and .bat file to start the Client with and that is not working as well. so if the Dev can fix it, i would be...