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    I've never done anything with bees, what's the appeal?

    I know nothing about bees. What do they do? Why are so many people hyped up on bees?
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    has anyone used TerrainControl in FTB SSP?

    Has anyone used the TerrainControl app ( in creating custom worlds for SSP and FTB?
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    Anyone use Clay Soldiers in an FTB Pack?

    I'm just curious if anyone has successfully included Clay Soldiers in any of the FTB packs? Specifically the DW20 pack?
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    Smooth frame movement

    Is there any way to avoid the blocky movement of a frame, and the redrawing of blocks connected to the frame? Preferably what I'd like to do is set a frame to (smoothly) move in a given direction a number of blocks. For instance move up 5 blocks without the start/stop/redraw at each block...
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    Creating my own lava lake

    Is there anyway to pump lava from an underground lake into a newly constructed man-made lake on the surface?
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    Ingredient checklist

    Does anyone know of a mod that would work alongside NEI to build a checklist of items? For example, I view a recipe in NEI and I need to go to my chest to get items. What'd be great is as I view a recipe in NEI, if I could click it or the ingredients to build a list so when I'm at a chest I...
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    I really wish...

    I really wish there was a way to consolidate all the ores so that there is really only 1 of each type. Currently when you smelt in a Powered Furnace, you get 1 type of copper ingot, whereas if you smelt in this other furnace you get this other copper ingot, with different IDs. A copper ingot I...
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    Disabling specific items in NEI

    Mostly I'll play on survival, but when I'm building stuff I'll cheat in blocks now and then just to run them through. I've got my sorting system, but with all the different yet duplicated ore blocks, is there a way to have just 1 copper ore block, 1 copper ingot, 1 tin ore block, 1 tin ingot...
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    Is there a mod that...

    So in the different available packs, there are all these different machines that require different types of energy, and different ways of producing, consuming, and even converting that energy but it requires a great deal of reading and searching online, out of game. Is there a mod anywhere like...
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    FTB in Creative or Survivor?

    With any of the FTB packs, I'm just curious as to how many actually play survivor mode and gather what you need to build and run these machines, and how many people either use Creative mode or NEI to cheat in the machines just to play with setting things up? For myself, I usually try the...
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    Pipe juncture woes

    In the 1.4.2 FTB Beta pack, as well as the DireWolf pack (haven't done much with that one other than started a world) is there a way to keep pipes from automatically joining to adjacent pipes? It's certainly a handy feature when a pip automatically connects, makes laying it down much much...
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    Carrot planting?

    I'm using the Farmer with a Combine for wheat planting, and have wheat going to a feeder for cow breeding and it all works great. Is there any way to duplicate this process for carrots, and a feeder type machine for feeding/breeding pigs? Also, is there some way to divert only half of the...
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    Feature Request for the Launcher

    Here's something I think would be beneficial to the launcher. A way to separate out into a new tab, or someother way to denote, which packs the player has active worlds for. So one tab with all the available packs, and a tab showing what's been selected to be played.
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    Someway to keep in-game notes?

    I'm playing the magic pack, and I was just curious if there was a book or some other item I can use in-game to jot down some notes to myself, to remind me of current projects, materials I need to gather, or items I need to build? And then some way to edit it? I was using signs, but there is...
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    ANyone using the Magic World Pack? How is it?

    I've been using the FTB beta pack, and enjoying myself immensely however I've noticed that as I do more and more, I get more and more instability issues. Just today, after starting some MystCraft exploration, my game has crashed about 6 times. Not enough to disuade me from trying again...
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    NEI Monster Spawner

    In the inventory list there is a monster spawner one can select, and using cheat mode, can get in the inventory. However, when I place one all I get is a pig. How does one use this item, and more specifically how can I set it to the type of mob I want. (Not doing a custom map, but creating an...
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    Pump placement

    I'm caving, finding good resources, and I'm pretty far underground and quite a distance from my home. I break some blocks, and see lava. So I have to ask myself... Is this an appropriate source of lava for a pump? Is there a general rule of thumb on when a lava source is too far away...
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    Texture support in FTB_Launcher

    According to the launch video for the FTB_Launcher, official FTB texture support is coming. I know the FTB team has their hands full with Thaumcraft 3, and also updating FTB itself to 1.4.5 so I don't expect anything overnite, but I was curious as to the texture support that will eventually get...
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    NEI in reverse?

    I'm not sure if it's NEI or not, but the recipe book aspect of the mod is great. But is anyone familiar with a way or a mod that'll list the possible uses for an item? I find things and I'm not exactly sure what to do with them, and a listing of uses for any given item would be super swell...
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    Zombie in a cage

    So here I was playing, having a great time, doing my strip mining thing when I come across a room with moss covered rock and a couple of chests. In the middle is a little block that looks like a cage, it's flaming, and inside of it is a zombie spinning around and around. What is this...