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    So i found this infernal hive while mining in the overworld

    Just mining in a cave when i dug a cave wall and saw glowstone then i mined that glowstone and found this infernal hive x.x must've been a terrian generation glitch If the image doesn't appear here's the URL
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    Windows .exe Receive failed becase of a software

    So i get this error after 30secs-1min of being on a server then i get recv failed 2013-07-15 15:53:42 [INFO] [STDERR] Software caused connection abort: recv failed 2013-07-15 15:53:42 [INFO] [STDERR] at Method) 2013-07-15...
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    Windows .exe Trouble with getting modpacks

    I'm having a big issue getting modpacks since i've been through the FTB support 2 times already to fix my IOException problem with the FTB launcher but the support seems like they don't know what the issue is The FTB team needs to get manual downloads up for any other people who has the same issue
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    any DivineRPG servers out there yet? can't find any