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    [1.7.10] Pathfinder [Peaceful][HQM][Tech][Adventure][Listed]

    For the inventory issues I have come up with a pretty good system. Two bags you can make early game. I went with easier bag, then updated it and now I have a full inventory back (in the bag only) Blue power also has a bag, it cost a little more string but string is easy to make with Stick...
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    In your next Direwolf20 build, will you bother with IC2?

    My current game Im using TC (tinkers) mostly right now.. I was on the fence about adding some IC stuff to help.. Then I built a TC hammer.. And that was that. ;) I will add buildcraft quarry though, after im done playing around with the hammer... Its just so dam fun.
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    So the 2 new modpacks...

    Thats not the facts though as to why the different versions. ;) Just sayin.
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    Getting Biomes o'Plenty to work on Unleashed...

    Think you have to restart the world. Its an option under Minecraft in creeperhost.. Or you can just delete the world folder in FTP. And restart. Also CreeperHost has BiomePlenty disabled automatically you need to turn it back on in the options also. Be aware their is also a bug in...
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    Getting Biomes o'Plenty to work on Unleashed...

    Use FTPZilla works great. To connect all the info is in your creeper server info. Just plug in the IP address and the password and you should be good to go.. There is a couple of tutorials on creeper host also I think on how to do it. default user is minecraft and use sftp
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    Resonance Unleashed - [Closed - merged into Resonant Rise]

    I love this Config Pack Velotican I always point people to this pack when they need help with the configs.. you do a great job.. I'm thinking of going the UE route in 1.6.2 anyway.. But a lot of people use this pack. Yeah and Greg is a dung head. I had his back for a bit.. But then he...
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    Map Resets in 1.6

    The short answer no.. UnLess minecraft itself requires it.. Which it does not. I uprgraded from 1.4.7 to 1.5.2.. Which did require some Mods to be resett. Resetting a mod is as easy as Loading you map in the new version without the mod, and having Forge or minecraft (not sure which one does...
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    Resonance Unleashed - [Closed - merged into Resonant Rise]

    Ya always back up a copy before you mess with them.. I always keep the hardcopy before I edit it safe... :)
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    Resonance Unleashed - [Closed - merged into Resonant Rise]

    Used WorldEdit (singleplayercommands) to replace all blocks I new was not going to be in 1.5.2... IE RP Rubber Tress.. GlassViewer... Marble.. Etc.. And required me to dump all my liquids.. Cause of the liquid update for forge. (No choice in matter you will lose everything you had stored up)...
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    Updating gregtech

    You would have to upgrade your map from 1.4.7 to 1.5.2.. And pretty much drop Feed The Beast in the process. Totally possible to do it.. I did. The 1.5.2 Beta has other mods in it that were not part of 1.4.7. I just created pretty much Ultimate without xycraft or redpower... And decided not...
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    Resonance Unleashed - [Closed - merged into Resonant Rise]

    Thanks for the 1.5.2 support file.. After converting my 1.4.7 map to 1.5.2 these files saved me a lot of time.. Thanks so much. ;)
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    Malkuths Ultimate Feed The Beast Season 2

    Special Update I decided to take my Feed The Beast Map 1.4.7 to 1.5.2 it is possible.
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    Recommended world restarts in 1.6.

    I think there is one more block... That nothing replaces in Redpower... The deployer. I though MFR had a block but I guess I was wrong. At least thats what they screamed at me on reddit.
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    Mob Transportation via Conveyer Belts

    Stop them from jumping. Make sure no room to jump.
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    Remove PortalGun Turret Speech?

    Dang I wish I could remember the mod.. But there is a mod out there that adds a no sound block to a certain area radius. But of course it really doesn't help you since you would have to add it.. Think its part of a Mods collection from the same developer.. And most of his mods are like...
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    Malkuths Ultimate Feed The Beast Season 2

    Updated with episode 13 and 14.. Thanks for watching everyone.
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    Easy to make.. Just like a Frame quarry.. Only its not quarring and can go in all directions... Pretty easy to do actually.
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    Transport liquids without chunk loaders?

    If they want to control the chunk loaders just give everyplayer 2 of em and have at it. Also this is why I like the World Achors.. They require enderpearls... Keep em supplied keep your chunk running.. You don't they don't load. World Anchors use to be the thing... Now these chicken chunk...
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    The Tips and Tricks for AE..

    This is just an opinion of mine... And it makes sense in my situation.. But since my whole base is run off Steam... Including EU to a point.. Shutting down the AE system is moot.. Since Even If I shut it down.. The steam boilers are still running 100% and still wasting the same amount of power...
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    Best MJ generation method?

    Well what does the best mean? Steam is the best if you have the setup for it... But the best and easiest to set up is by far Lava... And MagmaEngines... Lava piped in from the nether using Tesseracts... Or any other method you can think of of getting lava from nether. Just like steam you can...