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    Casual Server Looking For A Magic Farm Mod Pack Server.

    I am looking for a server that is using the Magic Farm mod pack, I am looking for a casual one, with no whitelist, that has no plugins. I will play if it has Hamachi also.
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    Greg Tech Makes Tinkers Construct Bad

    Now, I know for myself, that I use Tinkers Construct very early on. See the thing about it. With Greg tech. You need a compressor to make most of the modifiers work. My suggestion, make instead of a block of Redstone. Just 10 redstone. Or maybe make TC where if Greg Tech is on, TC turns off...
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    What's Your Favorite Mod?

    This is where you can say what your favorite mod in all of Minecraft is.. Remember this is people's opinion. My favorite is Tinker's Construct.
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    FTB Beta Pack 1.5

    Does anyone have a texture pack that works with the FTB 1.5 Beta that has some mod patches. Or is anyone working on one? #replies
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    I Need Help With ComputerCraft.. (Tell Me If This Is The Wrong Thread)

    Hey! I was using mining turtles for the first time and for some reason everytime I put the "pastebin get and the code. Then put the name I want. It doesn't save the program. So the next time I open the turtle to do the program it doesn't work. Is there something I do to save it.