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    1.0.0: Thaumic Tinker Crash

    Version: 1.0.0 What is the bug: From looking thru some of the intial, TT items that are unlocked will randomly crash the game out.. (look at "Magic + tech" entry in intial research that is open when you first open the Thaumcraft research book.) Mod & Version:
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    Bloodborne - From Software Dark Souls/Demon Souls Creators.

    I see this as a actual sequel too demon souls, other then the other soul games, and god dam is the shotgun/scythe combat fun :D Video Sony Sneak Peak. PAX Prime Trailer(playable demo was avail there, was fun) TGS Trailer Pictures if the vid's didn't do enough hah... If you...
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    Getting there,

    my build, I've been working on. Power 4 boilers running right now, but have supplies for another 4, when I need it. Have been slowly putting this together(running off thermal's right now for EU power) Buzzzzz Loosing this world really sucked, due to the liquid change...