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    Looking for Players to start new Let's Play

    Hello all. Shadowquinn here, and I am looking for some like minded players that want to start a brand new server Let's Play. I am looking for the following: Age: I don't have any problems with younger players but I am looking for 25+ years of age. Not looking to restrict how others talk due...
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    Inventory/Chest Lag.

    Hello all. Just wondering if anyone else is getting bad inventory/chest lag? Didn't start till we moved to 1.4.6. So I don't know if it's MC or me. And yes everything is update, java/drivers/mods. Everything else is running great, it's just the lag from them.
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    Santa Griefed Me (but I got even)

    Logged in and my damn chest look like big ass gift boxes. But that's ok there gone now, sent them back to santa with some tnt in em. Next time the fat sob will stay out of my video game. If I want holiday crap I would go back to wow. But there gone now lol.
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    Mod that is like fihgu's Command

    Anyone able to name a mod thats like that since it is not 1.4.6 ready yet?
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    Not able to get mod packs (ftb launcher)

    Just grabbed the FTB launcher to retry the pack and see if the id probs I was having have been fixed and I can't seem to download any of the packs.
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    End Of Steam Problem (info inside)

    For some reason and all of a sudden when trying to log on to our server (i'm running client, friend is running client and server) I get the end of stream. Here is what it says. [INFO] [STDOUT] Loading Player: shadowquinn1974 [INFO] [STDOUT] Sending serverside check to: shadowquinn1974...
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    Ok who broke the Minecraft Servers.

    My guess it was Slowpoke and Elo. We all now know how evil them two can be lol.
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    What is the war between Forge and Bukkit?

    We all know about the war between Ftb and Tekkit. But what happen with forge and bukkit? Can't tell me you guys don't miss some of the great plugins. Essentials, Towny, GP, Tree Assist (yes i know there are tree chop mods but none replace the sapling) and the other great ones that I can't...
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    Been quiet for some time at FTB.

    Been some time since we have heard anything from any of the FTB teams. So how are things coming along? How is the Launcher for the full release coming along? Any plans for a more in depth website? Any plans to add some new mods or take out some mods? (yes we all know RP2 is coming) How is the...