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    Exception Ticking World? Are you crashing? 30/10/2013 crashes? FIX HERE - READ!

    Hello Users! So, I've been seeing a lot of these crashes recently and I do know what the issue is and there is a fix! There is an Easter Egg in IC2 and unfortunately it is not working with the other mods in certain modpacks. Direwolf20/YogPack/Unleashed are the most common ones! To fix...
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    Creeperhost needs your help! We have a geo system for downloads ready to test.

    Hello Feedthebeasters. Creeperhost has been working quite hard recently to provide nothing but the best possible downloads for our users, so we've taken it a step further for you. We'll be rolling this out very soon, but we just need some results from people Please can you reply to this...
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    Luke_H's New Youtube channel, retro and authentic.

    Sup. My channel will mainly involve mild retro gaming, games on the PS2/Gamecube, old pc games, various other bits, I might do modern games, but I honestly have no intention to do Minecraft as the competition is too high, and I'm honestly bored of it. Recently acquired a hd pvr 2, and using...
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    KNOW THE DIFFERENCE! What is an FTB modpack bug? What is a mod bug?

    Hello Users! Been seeing a lot of posts crop up recently to which there is an actual bug with the mod(s) and not the pack, so, I'm going to do you a favour, I'll directly link you to the places you should report the bug (I will update them as I go along) Bug report to these direct links...
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    Important note to Mac OSX users trying to run FTB 0.2.x

    Hello, just thought I'd post this up. It doesn't work at the moment, the developers are aware of this, please use 0.1 in the mean time, and wait patiently for 0.3, thanks guys. Regards Luke_H