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    1.0.1: TPS problems from Ender IO or Enetbridge

    Opis is certainly not unreliable...I am unsure whom would have told you this. Can you private message me your ticket ID? Thank you!
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    Creeper Host Question

    Invoices are dispatched 28 days before due date with reminders and it is 4 days suspension before the server is terminated on the 5th day, not 3 :) ~Luke
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    Modpack Versioning

    I never understood how your version numbers/system worked before, but this does make things a lot better for me personally...if I see the last digit change then I know it is only a small update and shouldn't break too much...but if I see the first or second digit change..well..all hands on deck!
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    FTB and Forge - Curse Partnership.

    You mean they're*? Kappa.
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    PSA: MCPC+ and Modded Minecraft

    I'll make a quick comment and say that most "novice" server users bread and butter is MCPC+ Whilst I completely understand that you do not support it because it is not part of your pack, you should just redirect the person complaining to the MCPC+ forums/support lines even if you have no...
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    Horizons 1.0.8 Applied energistics server crashing

    Ash. This is an error with applied energistics just like many others at the moment (conduits, etc) so this can be regulated as a bug (but your rules behind adding MCPC+/BukkitForge probably prohibits this). Or, ask the person to remove MCPC+ and then supply the new crash report when it happens.
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    Dedicated Operating System Question.

    When it comes to Minecraft I'd say that choosing an operating system is like choosing a flavour of ice-cream. It completely depends on what tickles your fancy at the time and if you prefer using it over another. CentOS 6 is a little behind the glibs and some other libaries at the moment, so if...
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    Direwolf20 1.6.4 Mod Problem

    The latest stable build of MCPC+ uses a forge version that is too new for half of the mods in the modpack. Just use build #181 and that was perfectly and smoothly with the Direwolf20 1.6.4 modpack. Let me know how you get on!
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    Issues with connecting? Please report them here.

    Hey Guys. Please don't forget to include your ping results - THANK YOU! :)
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    Exception Ticking World? Are you crashing? 30/10/2013 crashes? FIX HERE - READ!

    I wasn't blaming you CovertJaguar - from my findings I found a couple of fixes (which included changing Railcraft configs). I apologise if I came across that I was blaming you, I'm not a developer, I just debug things and try to find fixes. I've been trying for days to find developers about...
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    Blue Screen Of Death

    Something is using DirectX ;p as it definitely is a kernel panic from DirectX. Try that option for now, completely purge DirectX and then install the DirectX web installer -
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    Error starting through FTB launcher

    I would also recommend running this program as Administrator and asking the Administrator to put their password in.
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    Exception Ticking World? Are you crashing? 30/10/2013 crashes? FIX HERE - READ!

    Updated. After digging some more, Railcraft is causing the errors with the Season Module. Simply turn it off from the modules.cfg Thanks! :)
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    Server crash - Yogcraft

    Here you go! Fix ;)
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    Exception Ticking World? Are you crashing? 30/10/2013 crashes? FIX HERE - READ!

    Hello Users! So, I've been seeing a lot of these crashes recently and I do know what the issue is and there is a fix! There is an Easter Egg in IC2 and unfortunately it is not working with the other mods in certain modpacks. Direwolf20/YogPack/Unleashed are the most common ones! To fix...
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    Good Server host?

    We try to keep response times under a hour at all times but there can be exceptions, but we are working on this. The refund policy is harsh, but 9/10 of the refund requests we get are processed without much investigation because they are always fair reasons....the 1/10 that doesn't receive a...
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    Unleashed v1.1.3 and Dynmap compatibility

    Linux isn't actually that too hard to use :P just takes a little getting used to, there's more documentation on how to use Linux than there is on Windows. You have to use something called "SSH" and you simply direct yourself to different folders using the command: cd /var/lib/mysql or cd...