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    Naturally generated skyscraper

    It's always nice when you can see who is the big honcho in town. I took this screenshot a couple months ago and thought I should share it before I end up accidentally deleting it. Most houses in town had some elevation issues, but that skyscraper is the most extreme I've ever seen. Town...
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    Automated Crafting in Mindcrack pack [Tutorial]

    Oh, hello there peasants! I came across this automated redpower crafting system on the forums, and thought it was awesome. So I recorded a small tutorial on how it works as well as an alternative system that I figured out on my own. Logistic pipes might take a long while yet, but we can make do!
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    Renaming executables in modpack updates

    Can the modpack authors please, for the love of server admin sanity, stop renaming the executable on updates? We're running the mindcrack pack and it's been renamed for like the fourth time already. I don't use the supplied shell script as I have my own which adds functions I need. It's so...
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    Unhinged Science - FTB Machinima and Making Of

    Good day test subjects peasants! Here is your chance to see the brilliance of Professor Sunderbrook and his occasionally trustworthy minion Igor. Together we set out to create masterful machinations of menace, all for Glorious Science. We've decided to share these amazingly astounding...