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    The No Topic Thread

    It's a no topic thread.
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    Old player looking for new pack to pick up

    Hey yall, i haven't played FTB for a yew years and thew new packs leave me kind of overwhelmed. Can anybody point to the best packs to pick up that have good cross mod compatability? As far as difficulty goes as long as it's not gregtech level grindy I can live with it. Thank you for any pointers!
  3. RandomMoped

    FTB Infinity Expert mode is everything I could've asked for out of FTB

    Hey guys, I'm one of the (maybe few) people who've been playing FTB since it was released. While I do take long breaks of it a lot, I always end up coming back to try the new modpacks. I've had similar issues with almost every single modpack released however, but FTB Infinity Expert mode seems...
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    Best way to start off in DW20 1.7?

    I've recently started playing the DW20 pack and gained a decent amount of ores along with a small house and some basic TConstruct stuff, and I'm wondering where to go from here. I'm thinking thermal expansion with some thaumcraft/powersuits, but I heard some good things about some of the newer...
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    Optimal computer specs for the FTB packs

    Hey all, after not playing FTB for about half a year I'm thinking of getting back into it. However, my computer is fairly suboptimal for FTB, seeing as my computer tends to lag out when I go exploring or build a bunch of complex machinery. Thankfully, I've got nearly 2000 dollars and am probably...
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    What are you currently playing?

    At the moment I'm using Tech World with Carpenters Blocks, Iron chests, Dartcraft and Galactiacraft. What about you guys?
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    ATG worldgen or BOP?

    So in the options for terrain generation for horizons, a world type called biomes o plenty (typical) will appear, and another one called ATG - Alternative. Which one do I pick if i want the features of both mods?
  8. RandomMoped

    I need help decorating my christmas tree

    Yes, you read that title right. So yeah, I got bored in my minecraft world, and I decided i needed christmas tree But right now, it's just a tree, without anything on it. Any suggestions on what I should do to it? I'm on unleashed 1.1.7
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    Xbox One or PS4?

    I'm honestly not sure which one of these I want to get. I'll say a few things first 1. Don't say PC, I already have plans for that 2. I prefer an Xbox 360 controller 3. I already have an Xbox 360 4. Most of my friends are getting an Xbox One 5. Price is a bit of an issue for me Thanks for...
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    hi guy

    yo hey forum people guys its new me here moped to the forum of mine and i am really into liking the forum of sorta conversation debating. Nice time had is to be here into the forum beast of feeding and that's why greatness is happened into forum beasting of feeding
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    What we need for modded minecraft

    So if anyone else here hangs out on the minecraft forum occasionally, you'll have seen this To summarize, it basically allows you to download resource packs directly from the minecraft launcher I looked at this and I...
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    Generic Red Power Thread Title

    Generic post body Generic link:
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    So rumors are GregT is now an IC2 dev

    What are everyones opinions on this? I think it's pretty great, because we'll be finally getting some brand new IC2 content :D greg can make some pretty cool stuff :P as long as said things aren't insanely hard to make Also, this isn't a Gregtech thread, so please don't lock it ._.
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    Good turtle mining programs/setups

    So I don't code any CC stuff at all, and I was wondering if anyone had some good mining programs/setups I could use early (or late) game to get some more resources
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    I didn't think this was possible

    So I hopped in my creative test world and decided to mess around with some TConstruct stuff, and I figured out that this was possible It used a bit of obsidian and paper, and it doesn't mine horribly slow because it has a cobalt head.
  16. RandomMoped

    Logistics Pipes Vs. Applied Energistics

    So In all honesty, I've never actually used logistics pipes, but I hear they add a bunch of cool autocrafting jazz and such. So what does it have over applied energistics, because I heard both mods are similar.
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    An FTB Launcher feature that should be added

    How about instead of filtering packs based on their version and who created them, how about the option to simply hide individual packs on the launcher? I have quite a few packs on there that I never use (lite, tech world, magic world, ect) and I really don't need them filling up my launcher.
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    A replacement for frames!
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    Dartcraft: One of the most overpowered mods of our time

    Well, now that the Gregtech threads are getting cooled down, I figured I'd talk about what I sometimes think as the complete opposite to Gregtech: Dartcraft. Dartcraft can do many things that most other mods wouldn't allow you to do until late game or wouldn't even be possible with other mods...
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    So I was watching some of direwolf20's older videos..

    And I found something about EE3 that pretty much explains why it's taking so long to develop. Go to around the 18 minute mark of the video and keep watching for a bit