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    Botania & Witchery Ore 'Machine'

    Hello & Merry Christmas to all :) Just some fun with Witchery Hobgoblins & Botania's Orechid, There are alot of ways to make this more efficient & it's not a perfect system but more a method of creating ores & mining them without tech. I did have to slightly tech it with the cobblegen, the XU...
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    Pre Generate World (1.7.10)

    Hi hi :) I am trying to remember the name of the mod that allows you to pre-gen chunks for 1.7.10? Please would someone help my failing memory & weak GoogleFu... Thanks!
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    TF Mining Tree in the Deep Dark

    So I decided to test out the TF Miners Tree in the Deep Dark yesterday, who knows maybe the pile of ores would be double the size... science & all... It seemed to work fine at first & pulled up some iron & copper, I left to make a chunckloader came back & placed it & left for a while. Came...
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    Two Questions, water leaks & rednet at server restart

    Hi hi :) Two simple questions (I hope!)... First one is probably straight forward, rednet cables, whenever I do a server restart a bunch of funky things happen. I have two T5 spider spawners that like to turn themselves on & several industrial steam engines that like to turn themselves off...
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    Item ID Issues, am I looking at this correctly?

    Hey all, I have had my 1st attack of item ID mismatches which came about after I updated a few mods in the 1.5.2ngt .8 pack. I did as much research about this as I could before coming on here to ask some questions & then proceed. Specifically mods I updated: applied energistics v11e extra...
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    Is there a way to kill mob's via multicraft console?

    So i did a server restart earlier today & it decided to turn on 4 T5 spawners. By the time I had logged in there where 670 entities in my grinder area. I have tried logging in by client to disable the spawners but I get disconnected in a few seconds. Is there anyway I can kill them via the...
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    MassFab causing API ERROR

    Hi all, Some MassFab complications, I have set these up many times before so I am a little confused as to whether this is a bug I should be reporting or something that has changed in the newer version & I am not understanding it - hey maybe I broke something, anythings possible! 1.5.2 Beta...
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    Direwolf20 server performance issues / low tps

    Hi all, I have had this problem on-going for some time now, initially posted something here. At that point I suspected it had to do with player profiles, but since we tried a few 'fixes' in this regard & the problem not only persisted but has become worse - I am once again at the limit of my...
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    Direwolf20 Server vs. Client download

    Hi :) I can't seem to find an updated server download for the D20 pack, I tried via the Launcher but it says it's still server 5.2. Can I download the client & update the server with the client files? Thanks
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    Direwolf20 Server TPS issue

    Hi all, Was hoping someone would be able to assist me with this problem. We have a small (2-4 player) D20 server running at a friends house. Over the last week the tps has gone south, in a bad way :/ It's not the first time this has happend & in that past it has been fixed by deleting...
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    Mystcraft Portal Problem

    Hi everyone, If anyone could help me out here it would be much appreciated. I have been running a tiny server at home for my single player games & all has been running fine for a while now, last night I noticed the quarry in one of my mining ages had stopped working I tried to hop through the...
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    Xycraft Tank Problem

    Hi everyone, hope I am posting this i the right place :) I am having a problem with xycraft tanks & wrathlamps causing some funky conflicts with each other, does anyone know how to fix this aside from removing one of the items from the area? I am running D20 5.20 on a small home multiplayer...