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    How do YOU Auto-spawn Withers?

    After trying to attempt it myself, I discovered auto-spawning withers without AE is actually a lot more difficult than it looks. What do you guys do for that?
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    [1.7.10] Stranded on the Beach [HQM][100+ Quests][Hard]

    Tech. It's the center of many modpacks, and provides a power that vanilla simply can't provide. People have grown to use it more and more, and as a result, it became more and more powerful. Stranded on the Beach attempts to remedy that. Pulverizer before you even have diamonds? Haha, no... The...
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    Remain in Motion, or Funky Locomotion?

    Hi all! With the release of funky locomotion by RWTema, I've begun to question my having remain in motion, and have been considering swapping it out. However, I've noticed both seem to have a couple features the other doesn't have. Which do you guys prefer? Which is more stable?
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    Finding Memory Leaks

    Hi! I find in my pack you'll gradually get less FPS till you re-log from a memory leak, I can go from 50 to 5 after a while. How would I find the cause of this?
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    Automated Wither Killing

    I created this forum thread so we can share our methods of wither killing, and things like how fast they're killed, how the items are collected, etc. I use a nether star gen to kill a wither in around 20 seconds, and as much as I try, I cannot beat that number without the use of SDX, which I'd...
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    Ritual of Regeneration

    Hi! I've been looking at Blood Magic lately, and I've been trying out the rituals. When I tried the ritual of regeneration on a creature(tested it with iron golems and villagers), it applies the particle effects to them, but I see no actual... regeneration. Does anyone know if this is a bug?
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    Memory Connection Overburdened

    Hello everyone! Recently I have really gotten into Magic Farm 2. But for the past couple hours or so, it has been unplayably laggy, after getting laggier and laggier all day. Checking the log gave me this: Memory Connection Overburdened; After Processing 2500 Packets, we still have (x) to go! X...
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    How Do I Obtain The Dagger Of Sacrifice In Magic Farm 2?

    Seeing as iron swords are uncraftable, how would one obtain this? Do I need to get it from a mob drop?
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    Magic Farm BOP ID Conflict

    Hi guys. I recently went on magic farm 2 and found an ID conflict but I loaded it anyway. I found that all my gems and staff components had been replaced with various items with id 21265. Has anyone else experienced this?
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    What Would Make MFR Balanced?

    I know a lot of you people out there find MFR OP, and I can agree with that. However, I love the items MFR adds so I still include it. I decided a thread about it might come to a answer to this question: What do you guys think it would take in terms of power creation and consumption to make it...