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    Would anyone else like to have a "vanilla" option/ pack?

    I know this is a mod pack, and that its purpose is to be focused on adding mods and facilitating adding/ playing with mods. I agree, this is actually why I wish there was something like this. As it is now, if you want to play the latest minecraft version, you HAVE to wait for the modpack to...
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    Buildcraft Exploit? Oil in the Nether.

    So apparently you can place oil in the Nether, and it will work as regular water, meaning infinite obsidian/ protection from being on fire, and easy travel (Oil waterfals for long falls)/ obsidian bridges through lava pools.) which honestly makes no sense! Not only should non-lava liquids not...
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    D20 Pack, random freeze and high CPU usage.

    Basically what happened is, I loaded up my world (I was on a ladder that goes from bedrock to ocean-level land.) I go up, no problem, as soon as I got out at the top and walk forward, I check my inventory and suddenly my game slows-down to a crawl and goes on to fully-freezing, suddenly hear my...
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    "keepInventory" command not working.

    (Wow, been posting a lot more questions than I'd like to in such short intervals, please excuse my ignorance. >_<) I'm playing in a new test world to check some stuff about damage so for convenience sake I turned on the "keepInventory" command, and it says its on, but I still seem to be...
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    Suddendly being "pushed down" during creative (+ other weird things.)

    I'm not sure it has to do with Minecraft or My PC, but something really weird happened: So I was messing around in creative mode, planning on building some stuff in an island, when all of a sudden, I'm being pushed down by some invisible force, as if I was underwater sinking, but even if I was...
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    Is ther ea way to auto-kill the player upon world start?

    Got a problem that crashes my game soon after I start my world, guessing its something to do with some enchants I put on my armor to test some stuff. I'm sure if I were to be able to quickly unequip the armor or kill the player upon world start, the problem would stop, but I don't have enough...
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    Did they rename BC's Blueprints?

    Been thinking on moving my main base to another world (...again.) but I can't find blueprints anywhere! Did they get renamed or something? (On that matter, what would you guys say is the fastest way to move tons of items across worlds?)
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    IC2 machines seem to cause a slowdown.

    Or at least I think that's what it may be. I used to not really use any IC2 machines at all until recently, but seems that every time I started placing any of them in a world, soon after intermittent slowdowns would happen non-stop, at first I didn't know what was going on, so I just deleted...
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    What are some "Smooth" blocks?

    You know, like Smooth Stone or Basalt, where you can't really tell the edge of the block when placing a bunch of them together, unlike things like Iron and such where there is a big, obvious outline around each block. xD Marble is nice as well, but the big spot and white line do show the...
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    Town Improving Ideas?

    I'm not a huge fan of regular villages, so I always like to "upgrade" them as soon as I get the chance, be it into a castle, an actual town or even cities, tho lately I've been kind of running out of ideas on how to improve them or finding different looks for different buildings, since I just...
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    Easiest way to get rid of tall grass?

    What would you say is the easiest way to get rid of the large amounts of tall grass in the many of the "open" biomes? Its just really annoying for me seeing so much tall grass, I wouldn't mind if it was one or two here and there, or even in small patches, but its just everywhere! D: I've...
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    Any way to know what mods add what ores?

    Like, is there a list somewhere? I really like the Mining side of Minecraft and to me the extra ores is just a lot more fun for mining, I really like the extra variety outside the few regular ores and tons of stone/dirt/ gravel. :P Problem being, I don't have what you'd call a "high end PC"...
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    Hello Hello!

    Hi, new to the forums (Why I'm posting here of course. :P) and somewhat new to modded Minecraft or Minecraft in general. I used to play (vanilla) Minecraft semi-often, but not too much and only until recently have I really started getting into it thanks to FTB, which is a lifesaver for people...