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    Applied Energestics General Help

    You can use a pickaxe to move the access terminal. You won't lose anything because everything is actually stored in the disks.
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    Setting up a boiler

    It cuts down on cost, but doesn't change the time at all.
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    Ask a simple question, get a simple answer

    Is there any way (beside golems) to automate the picking of cotton in 1.5.2? Reddit said the MFR fruit picker would work, but it doesn't for me.
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    Ask a simple question, get a simple answer

    I don't think you understand my question. I made iridium ingots by putting iridium ore into a compressor. However, it turns out that I can't use iridium ingots (I want to make an ultimate hybrid solar panel). I want iridium ore. But I already turned all my UU into iridium ore, then turned all my...
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    Ask a simple question, get a simple answer

    I'm so used to needing to compress iridium ore into iridium ingots (like you need to do with GregTech), that I reflexively did that on my new server, which doesn't use GregTech. Is there a way to turn iridium ingots into iridium ore? Or can I substitute iridium ingots in the recipe?
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    Odd energy tesseract bug in 1.5.2?

    That's it! Thanks. I have a chunk loader at my base, but it was 3 blocks too far away. I moved it and solved the problem. Thanks
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    Odd energy tesseract bug in 1.5.2?

    I'm having a bunch of problems with energy tesseracts in 1.5.2 (Unleashed). I have three energy tesseract channels (I'm on a server and they are set to private). The first channel works fine no matter where I'm at. (If it makes a difference, there are 10 magmatic engines on this channel). I...
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    Applied Energestics General Help

    Yes, it indicates how full the drives are. Green means it has space. Orange means there's no more room for new types of items (it already has 63), but there's room for more items. Red means it can't accept any items at all.
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    Applied Energestics General Help

    No, you are mistaken. A 4k storage cell can hold a total of 260 stacks of items. Thus, it can hold 260 / 108 = 2.4 times the number of stacks that a diamond chest can. And even that is exaggerating, because a diamond chest could theoretically hold 108 full stacks, each with a different item...
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    Applied Energestics General Help

    To be a nit, a diamond chest has 108 slots. A 4k storage holds 508 stacks of one item, but only 260 stacks of 63 items (a little more than two diamond chests). But you may be right. I started my AE setup before I even knew about DSUs, so a lot of my storage that would ideally be in DSUs...
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    Applied Energestics General Help

    If you're already at the point where you're running multiple quarries, 16k cells are the best bet. 4k is simply too small and 64k cells are completely useless--way to expensive for something deep storage units do better.
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    AE Autocrafting stopped working

    I had a similar problem. Turns out that I had an export bus set to autocraft iTNT and put it in an implosion compressor. I have no idea why, but this setting prevented all other autocrafting from working. I couldn't even make sticks. Changing that setting to just export iTNT (and pre-crafting a...
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    I heard you liked Iridium

    I saw a huge solar installation at the school in my neighborhood. My first thought was, "damn, that took a lot of iridium."
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    eu - hv to mv

    Could be. But fibre is only supposed to lose 1 EU per 40 blocks. It was less than 40 blocks.
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    Automatic Chicken Farm - Wireless Transmitter Timing Help

    Yes, you can grind chicken. Cows too, which you will need for books.
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    eu - hv to mv

    I've had the same problem: 1 transformer to 4 128 EU/t machines just doesn't work. 1 of the machines will not get the full 128 EU/t. I don't know why. The solution is pretty simple, though. Instead of connecting each grinder directly to the cable, put an MFE in between each grinder and the...
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    Gregtech Rubies

    I always thought lightning rods are way overpriced for what they actually give you. 25 million EU just isn't that much.
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    Uses for Cans?

    There is a use for cans--canned food. If you have a quantum helmet on, you never get hungry as long as you have canned food in your inventory, as you will periodically use up a canned food to feed your hunger.
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    Adding AE to Mindcrack

    The thing you have to worry about with quartz is that it will only show up in new world gen. Anything you've explored before will not have any quartz. What we did to get around that without cheating in quartz was delete the twilight forest. No one on the server had a house in the twilight, so...