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    Modular Powersuits Settings

    I'm trying to configure all the power consumption settings for this mod so that they make sense (since the defaults are ridiculous) but I think I've discovered a bug in that when you land with the shock absorber module installed in your boots, you actually gain energy! Why is this? No matter...
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    Nether Ores don't explode now

    Hey all. I noticed yesterday that in the new version of Nether Ores, that they no longer explode if you mine them. I'm aware of the config option for this, but that config option seems to have never worked. Setting it to true or false made no difference before, and makes no difference now. Old...
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    TE: Reading energy cell levels

    Is there any way to do it? In previous versions, you could hook up a Buildcraft gate to it and be able to tell if it was full or not. Now the transport pipes don't attach of course, so that's not an option. What is the current method for sending a redstone signal based on the level of an energy...
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    What's the best use of buildcraft fuel?

    I used to understand the Railcraft steam boilers fairly well but since the rebalance, I'm not sure what the best route is. My understanding is that before they used to consume much less fuel when fully heated, but now after the rebalance, they consume the same amount of fuel but instead produce...
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    Bee Indexer Broken

    I just updated Binnie Mods from binnie-mods-1.8-dev2.jar to BINNIE-MODS-1.8-PRE1.jar. Seems the Indexer is now completely broken as opposed to seriously bugged. Before in dev2, if you break the indexer with bees in it, you don't get your bees back. They are deleted. Now, you can't even place a...
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    Modular Powersuits out of fashion?

    I noticed nobody seems to use the powersuits on Forgecraft anymore. I'm wondering if people quit using them because they made every other armor option obsolete or what's the deal.
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    Is there any way to disable individual items of a mod?

    Hey all. I'd like to remove the MFR Planter from my modpack, since doing that would get rid of a big imbalance in the early game without necessarily removing the entire MFR mod itself. We just think the planter makes it way too easy to get infinite charcoal in the early game, and is super easy...
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    What are your thoughts on renewable energy?

    Is the concept inherently flawed, since it can be scaled up to the point where you never need to gather resources to burn for fuel after a certain point? Clearly certain renewable energy solutions are overpowered - like the MFR planter/harvester gives you infinite charcoal very early in the...
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    ExtraBees Purifier / Synthesizer

    I noticed these can't be automated at all - since they only have one inventory slot. Putting a serum into the machine allows it to be immediately pulled out again, without processing. In other words, the serums just "fall through" the system, and end up at the end instantly rather than getting...
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    Ore generation question

    I've noticed something causing ores to generate oddly. Specifically I've noticed a bit of Lapis at around Y55 which I've never seen before, but when I look around for it now I am not seeing it anywhere. Its very odd since it is usually quite abundant at the lower levels. But after spending a...
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    NEI and bees

    In my 1.5.2 world, I was able to see all bee species using NEI. It showed how to breed them together to get different species. Now, in my 1.6.4 world NEI only shows the bees which are part of worldgen. How can I get it back so NEI once again shows all bees?
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    Rock Crusher: Why?

    Anybody know why Railcraft's "Rock Crusher" is a 3x2x2 multiblock structure costing twelve diamonds and can only be powered with MJ? What's the advantage of this over a pulverizer or macerator? And why is it so blasted expensive?
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    Question before I start up bees

    Hey all. I have a question that might save me a ton of headache so I'll ask it here. In my 1.5.2 world, I had an awesome efficient bee setup and was very involved in breeding the advanced bee species and tweaking them to have maximum production efficiency with all the best traits, etc. I have...
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    Railcraft Steam Boiler: Worth It?

    Hey all. Prior to 1.6, the high pressure steam boilers were the go-to solution for energy production. I always put up a full sized one and ran fuel into it to keep my whole base operating. Once it was up to 1000 degrees, it consumed fuel rather slowly and I was able to keep it going with...
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    Crashing after joining our server

    Ok I'm at a loss for this one. Been playing on our new world for about a week now, hosted at my friend's house. Its been working just fine up until today. I log on from my desktop when I'm at home, or with my laptop when I go over to visit. Last night I was over there and we played for a few...
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    TK Materials and You Crash

    I just noticed that if I open the book "Materials and You Volume 2" and go to page 21 (Manyullyn and Copper) that if I go forward one more page, the entire game crashes.
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    Why is it in appdata?

    I just installed the new FTB launcher, and tried to get the DW20 1.6.4 modpack running. It did not work. But I noticed that it installed in my windows user /appdata folder. Why is it located here? I'm currently trying to move it to my games/minecraft/ftb folder, but now it insists on...
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    Treecapitator for 1.6.4

    I still use Treecapitator mostly because its easier to maintain a clean looking landscape without floating treetops here and there. I also like how it destroys the leaves when the tree comes down, rather than leaving them hanging in midair. Anyway, this isn't about justification for using...
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    MCPC for 1.6.4

    Anybody got a valid link for this? The following fails after about 2.4MB downloaded.
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    The next DW20 pack

    Hey all. Is there any news regarding what's going to be in the next Direwolf20 modpack? I've been using a modified version of the 1.5.2 pack, but I don't even know what version of Minecraft the next pack will be for. I've been holding off updating to 1.6.2 because I just don't want to play the...