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    Open Unable to connect to server after latest version

    Summary of the problem Unable to connect to server after latest version Pack Version 1.4.1 What is the bug? After upgrading the server and trying to connect I receive a "Fatally missing blocks and items" error. It complains about missing mods in the log (not in the client) but I compared...
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    Open 2.3.3: Simple Recipes showing for MineFactory Reloaded in Expert Mode (2.4.1)

    Version: 2.3.3 What is the bug: When looking at recipes for MFR for a few of the machines I see both the default recipe and a more complex version. Planter/Harvester stick out as I remember only seeing the complex version when running 2.3.x. Also might be an issue with the Stuffed Eggplant...
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    Odd TD Filter issue in DW 1.7.10 latest

    I'm okay with the assumption I'm doing something wrong but I've done this a million times before and never seen this before.. The screenshots are in the wrong order.. #1 shows my filter setup.. #2 shows the servo and filter and pipe layout and #3 shows...
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    Open 1.4.1: [1.6.2] Pam's Harvest Craft cotton doesn't work in Agricraft crops

    Version: 1.4.1 What is the bug: When a Pam's Harvest Craft cotton seed is analyzed then matured in a crop from Agricraft you cannot get any cotton from it. If you right click on it all that happens is that the cotton goes back to 0 growth. Even tried getting cotton to 10/10/10 and still...
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    Question for Admins running Infinity Servers

    I'm looking to setup a server for my family to play on. We'll be running Infinity or Direwolf20 with 3 people. How much RAM should I be looking for? When I run a server on my machine for 2 people (3 people and I start getting block lag) I give it 4GB but I'm wondering if that's overkill? Thanks
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    Open 1.2.0: Twilight Forest issues - Already decorating!!

    Version: 1.2.0 What is the bug: First time entering the twilight forest. First I went then another player went in right behind me. Server crashed with this error log: Error Log: Reconnected and I started falling immediately and seeing strange visual effects...
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    Closed 1.0.2: MFR Harvester cutting down trees far outside its range

    Version: 1.0.2 What is the bug: We have an small MFR tree farm with Tin upgrades. We had 2 instances where trees which were far outside the Harvester range were cut down (and the harvester was the one that cut them down as they ended up in its output chest). The latest instance is weird...
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    Agricraft Irrigation range?

    Does anyone know the range for Agricraft irrigation sprinklers?
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    Ender Quarry Pump Upgrade

    Does anyone know if you have to extract the fluids from this upgrade? My Ender Quarry keeps stopping and it doesn't give a reason (but it keeps sucking down power). I've got a Pump upgrade attached so that seems like a likely suspect. If you do have to extract the fluid any thoughts on how...
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    Railcraft/Ender IO integration

    Do Railcraft steam engines integrate with Ender IO energy conduits? I can't get the engines to turn and face the energy conduits with a wrench. Do I need to switch to using steam dynamos?
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    Trouble finding Iron in Direwolf 1.7

    I've been having an insanely hard time finding good amounts of iron in the new DW 1.7 pack. We just did a short mining trip and came home with at least a stack of copper and only 8 iron. So has iron been nerfed that much? or is it more biome specific now? Really any tips on how to find a...
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    Weird gravity zone in Direwolf 1.8 pack

    So we ran into something weird in the new DW pack. There is an small'ish area in the world where you start getting pulled into a center point. Once there you get thrown up and down over and over until you die. Has anyone seen this before? I'm thinking it could be a "bad" Thaumcraft node now...
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    Fixing Flint recipe in Monster w/ IguanaTweaks added

    I've added IguanaTweaks to Monster as I prefer how it works but now the recipe for flint is conflicting with the Extra Utilities recipe for gravel bricks. I checked the Extra Utils config and cannot see a way to disable gravel bricks. Is there another way to get the flint recipe to work via...
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    Dagger of Sacrifice requires minimum hearts? (Blood Magic)

    Does the Dagger of Sacrifice require that the mob have a certain number of hearts before it works? I have a mob drop farm where mobs are left with half a heart. I have them walking down a chute onto my altar and so far after killing at least 40 mobs I only have 4000 LP. It seems most of them...
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    Barrels and Logistic Pipes

    So in Direwolfs 1.6.4 series video he has logistic pipes hooked up to the back of barrels. But when I do that the items can't get into the barrel. The pipe lights up and the items arrive at it but they just get stuck in the pipe going back and forth. I can't find a change log for...
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    What am I doing wrong? [DW 1.6.4 1.0.12 - Diamond Pipes]

    Quarry with a diamond pipe attached to it. Void pipe on the red side and pipes leading to chests on blue. Diamond Pipe Config: Stick on the black (connected to quarry). Nothing at all in blue. Cobblestone on red. Still seeing cobblestone in my chests.. uhm.. pretty sure I've done this a...
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    Can't make Oven Rack in Magic Farm 2

    The OpenBlocks recipe for an XP drain is interfering. Is there any other way to do this?
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    Magic Farm 2 Question

    Can anyone make the Mattock in Magic Farm 2? I have the necessary things but it won't let me build it. It switches to the hatchet recipe. Need to do some farming.. Also.. Natura berries are way OP in Magic Farm 2.. we made a house rule to ignore them.. anyone else notice this?
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    DW20 1.6.4 map corruption

    Yesterday I updated my server to 1.0.2 and it started fine. Today I shut down my server and now when I try to restart it I get this error.. === IndustrialCraft 2 Error === IC2 detected an ID conflict between your IC2.cfg and the map you are trying to load. Map: DW20World Config section...
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    Morph - Flight seems a bit op..

    Am I out there in thinking that becoming a bat and having unlimited flight in Morph is OP? I mean compared to the amount of effort to get flight using any other mod it seems crazy. So yes.. I can just not morph into a bat but for fun I figured we could discuss options that would make it less...