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    'Creations' forum

    Is there any possibility of making us a 'creations' forum/sub-forum to post pics of our builds in? At the moment everything is crammed into one huge "show us your creations" thread in the FTB chat forum. Without wishing to ruffle any feathers, there are a number of very good aesthetic builds...
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    Possible to move infused stone blocks?

    Is it possible to move TC infused stone blocks without pistons? Silk touch doesn't work and neither does the portal gun.:( DW20 pack.
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    Can someone recommend me..

    .. a good level.dat editing program please? I want to move the server spawn. I have tried NBTedit but I get a tag 101 error when trying to open my level.dat. Also tried NBTexplorer but all I get is a blank white window when I open the .dat. Thanks.
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    AE import/export bus lag - just me?

    Does anyone else get heavy frame rate drops when AE import/export buses are running? I only get about 25 fps max anyway, but when the buses are running it kills my fps down nearly to single figures. It's not constant, more akin to the lag spikes you get from the lighting update on RP timers...
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    Bee question to the experts

    OK. Trying to get my head round these stupid bees again. I'm trying to get some pure industrial bees for tree pollination. Last time I tried I got as far as cultivated, but then it all went wrong and I wound up back with tropicals!! I read from someone that it's best to get fertility 4 on...
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    Bees not working on trees

    I'm trying to start breeding trees but my bees won't do anything. I've got some pure nobles running and I have 2x vanilla oak trees just outside the glass enclosure that the apiaries are in. The trunks of the trees are 3 horizontal spaces away from each apiary and the bottom of the tree canopy...
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    How does Direwolf...

    How does Direwolf manage to move multiple stacks of one item in one go? You see him do it on his vids where he'll have an inv full of random crap but in amongst it he'll have, say, 10 stacks of glass. You see him go to a chest and then boom, all 10 stacks move from his inv to the chest in one...
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    AE pre-formatted disk question

    I've got all my items stored randomly across some 64k disks. I now want to split them up into groups, eg. ingots all on one disk. How do I mass move all the ingots off my disks onto my newly created pre-formatted disk please? I am guessing there will be an easier way than shift clicking them...
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    Pumping liquids faster

    Is there a way to make the BC pump work faster vertically? If the liquid is spread out horizontally then it works pretty fast when supplied with a large amount of power, but even if you supply it 100 MJ/t it will continue to work at tortoise speed when pumping vertically. This is extremely...
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    Quarries and oceans

    I don't know where I read it, but I was under the impression that making quarries in oceans was considered to be a very bad idea due to the thousands of flowing water blocks it leaves behind. I also vaguely seem to recall reading somewhere not that long ago that this 'issue' has since been...
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    AE and finding quartz ore

    To those of you playing DW20, where have you been finding the bulk of your quartz ore? The AE wiki simply states "between sea level and diamond level" which is rather vague. Y35 a good bet then or should I be focusing my attention on other levels? Does it spawn in mystcraft ages if I...
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    Bee breeding question

    What's the best way to get pure bees when breeding? I had a cultivated princess which was pure as far as cultivated goes, but the life-span was shortest and shorter. The queen that produced it also produced 3 pure drones, but 2 of them were shortest and shorter and the 3rd one was shorter...
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    Tropical bees not working

    Why isn't this working? It says they need vines and ferns. It has frikkin tons of vines and ferns. Yes that is a a tropical queen and yes I'm in a jungle biome and getting poisoned by it. :mad:
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    Steam limitations in liquiducts?

    I have 3 HP36s running so by my calculations that means I need 3x18 = 54 industrial steam engines hooked up to them. So I have liquiducts on top of each boiler covering all the 9 block spaces and liquiducts linking them altogether which then goes down a single line of liquiducts where they...
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    Any way of automating the moistener...

    ...with only BC stuff? The apples from my SC tree farm are not quite providing me with enough mulch to "fuel" 3 fermenters and I'm running a very small deficit. The moistener would do the job but I'm having problems automating it with BC pipes. The trouble is that when the last mouldy wheat...
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    Melee turtle help pls

    So I used this from computercraft forums but it doesn't work. while true do for i = 1, 9 do turtle.attack() sleep(1) end for i =1, 16 do turtle.drop() end end Can anyone tell me...
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    Do version change logs get posted anywhere?

    As above, do the mod pack change logs get posted anywhere? I'm always interested to see what's changed between versions but I can't find anything on the launcher nor this site. I'm interested in everything that's changed between DW5.1 and 5.2 for example.
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    Remote charging station

    Trying to concoct some set-up so I can remotely charge up my electric tools on the move but I'm finding it harder to do that I an anticipated. I thought that I'd be able to do something with an ender bag and some BC gates in and out of an MFSU but I'm having 2 issues : 1. is that I can't find a...
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    EU problem with Mass Fabricator

    Hi, I'm trying to run my Mass Fabricator off my MFSU which is receiving 520 EU/t and also powering my ore processing set-up, but it's drawing too much power and I need to tone it down. I already have a structure pipe that has it turned off by default and only activates when it receives an...
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    Bug with tesseracts or intentional behaviour? There's nothing about this issue mentioned above so I'm not sure whether this is a bug or intentional, but why can only the person who placed a tesseract remove it? We have quarries running on our server, each of which has its own energy...