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    Harvesting Apples from Apple Trees?

    I know that I could use a Harvester from MFR to actually chop down whole trees. What about just picking the apples off apple trees? Anyone have any ideas?
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    What mods disable Crevasse & Mineshaft WorldGen?

    Simple question: What mods out there subtly disable Crevasse and Mineshaft worldgen? I am using the following mods (amongst many others): Biomes O Plenty Ars Magica 2 Thaumcraft 4 Mariculture Project Red I have checked on Reddit and, according to a BOP Dev directly, Biomes OPlenty does NOT...
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    Camera Studio & Modded Minecraft?

    I've been attempting to get the Camera Studio mod working under a Forge environment in MC 1.6.4 but to no avail. It doesn't crash out or generate errors, to the contrary in fact... console logs showing it load up just fine. Trouble is, there is no other sign of it in the Minecraft session beyond...
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    Thaumcraft 4 - Ore Dictionary Definitions?

    Anyone happen to know what the ore dictionary declarations are for the Infused Ore in Thaumcraft 4? (If it even has one..?)
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    (1.6.4) Which minimap?

    I'm compiling my own combination of mods under 1.6.4 and I've been catching major grief from which minimap to use. Rei's / Zan's Minimap - Both of these have the same bug for me; Mob / Monster Radar turned on just fills the minimap up with massive solid color blobs, one for each critter... with...
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    Does a 'Monochrome Shader' exist anywhere?

    I'm looking for either.. 1.) A pre-existing Monochrome Shader to use in 1.6.4 .. or 2.) an existing shader that could be easily altered by lowering color saturation, transforming it into a Monochrome Shader. Does anyone know?
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    Saw Mill equivalent in 1.6.x?

    I don't have access to Thermal Expansion in 1.6.x at this point, and do not have Binnie's Mods installed. So at present I have no way to 'process' my wood in order to increase my yield. Outside of GregTech, are there any other mods that add a block or tool which increases wood yield beyond the...
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    (Private Modpack) Configuring Ores & Ingots

    So I have been assembling my own private compilation of mods for 1.6.4, fine tuning all the config files as I go along. One of the first things I did was tune which mods had ores enabled, something that really wasn't that hard. The next step I am trying to conquer is "ingot confusion". The best...
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    (64-Bit Java) Problematic Frame crash

    # # A fatal error has been detected by the Java Runtime Environment: # # EXCEPTION_ACCESS_VIOLATION (0xc0000005) at pc=0x0000000021005160, pid=5996, tid=6140 # # JRE version: Java(TM) SE Runtime Environment (7.0_45-b18) (build 1.7.0_45-b18) # Java VM: Java HotSpot(TM) 64-Bit Server VM...
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    "The Moo Moo Farm" ?

    Does anyone know which mod adds this dimension, and what it's all about?
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    [Resonant Induction] Anyone able to craft the Tesla Coil?

    Does anyone else here have experience with the "Resonant Induction" Universal Electricity mod by Calclavia? I'm trying to craft the Tesla Coil from it but there is no recipe listed in NEI for it.. AND the old recipe for the original spotlights for the mod (now months old) do not work either...
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    How do you erase a bugged item from a player's inventory?

    I've got a Single Player world where I am testing out various mods, and I've run across a pretty simple.. but rather save-killing... type of bug. I slapped Bibliocraft's "Reading" buff onto a Helmet I was wearing then glanced over at a machine from another Mod (Mekanism I think). As soon as I...
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    (Mekanism) Teach me the basics?

    I've got a self-assembled modpack running in 1.6.2 and one of the newest additions (for me) to this setup is the mod "Mekanism". I have found a few videos around Youtube that show some basics for Mekanism, but apparently quite a bit has changed since those videos were released earlier this year...
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    What mod do you use for early game ore processing?

    The title says it all: You have your first scraps of iron, with gold and redstone in sight. What mod do you go to for your first upgrade from the vanilla furnace?
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    "Unofficial" Update to MineFactory Reloaded?

    So .. does anyone know if this 'Unofficial Update' to MFR being done by samrg472 is legit? (Is it being done with PowerCrystals' permissions?)
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    1.6.2 equivalent mod of OmniTools?

    KingLemming's OmniTools hasn't been updated to MC1.6.2 just yet and I fully realize that it could be a few weeks before it is (which is just fine). I am wondering however.. is there an alternative mod I could use in the mean time? I am really starting to hate needing to carry around three...
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    Mod / Plugin to track down lag from other mods?

    I'm looking for a way to track down lag being generated by a mod. The trouble is, I'm not sure WHICH mod it is and I've got a rather log list of mods installed. Can anyone point me to a mod (Forge compatible) that I could use for tracking down game lag? I believe there is a mod that I've got...
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    (Unleashed 1.13) NEI Overlay bugged?

    The NEI overlays (to see chunk boundaries or possible monster spawn locations) do not work properly for me in Unleashed 1.13. This is WITHOUT any kind of nightvision or vision alteration at all, happens even when wearing zero armor and having zero buffs / effects. When I hit F9 to see chunk...
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    (Unleashed 1.13) No keyboard controls for Minimap?

    In Unleashed 1.13 I do not even have a listing for keyboard mappings under the "Options > Controls" menu. Slash commands work for the minimap but otherwise I cannot add new waypoints nor can I bring up the menu / interface for it to manage my waypoints and adjust settings. Can someone help me...
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    AE Storage Buses & Factorization Barrels

    So I checked the AE Wiki and saw that Storage Buses are bi-directional AND they are listed as working with 'storage solutions from other mods', specifically listing Factorization's Barrels. I know that normal pipes insert into barrels via the top, and extract via the bottom. Does this mean I...