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    Setups/Contraptions to build that produces something

    Im getting closer and closer to restart of my world (as I have meantioned in other threads) but Im decided to keep going for as long as I can. Right now Im out of ideas of stuff to build. I want to build some cool setups/contraptions that produces something. What already have: Farms with all...
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    Make me a starter kit

    Im tired of my low-fps end game ftb world, Its time for a restart. But, the beginning of a ftb world is for me extremly boring. I would like to get a boost. My plan is to spawn in some items with NEI, kinda lika starter kit. But I think if would choose these items myself I would probably be to...
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    AE- What does this mean?

    I used to be able to craft Irridiant uranium and enriched sunnarium, but cant anymore, Why? There is enough materials
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    Is there a way to make AE autocraft Basic Processors?

    Basicly I just got into whatever that multiblock-things is called which can autocraft, And I have it so I can autocraft Import and export buses, but there is a problem. They require a conversion matrix which requires a Basic processor, And to make a BP you need a BP assembly which needs to be...
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    Cant electrolyze bauxite dust

    I put a stack of bauxite dust and a stack of empty cells in the Industrial electrolyzer, But nothing happens. What am I doing wrong? there is no other use of bauxite dust.
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    Are there still problem with chunk resets in the Twilight?

    As the title says. I´ve heard of people that has lost everything from quarries to entire bases in the twilight forest due to chunk resets. Are those problem fixed?
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    Whats this?

    Whats this community showcase? (Im gonna be honest, I wanted to be the first one the create a thread here:D;) )
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    Mobs doesnt drop Minium stones when killed by turtles

    Is this intended or is it a bug? It ruined my plans atleast.. EDIT: I meant Shard of minium!
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    Router refuses to send items randomly

    My Router sometimes refuses to send items to my wall of barrels. Resulting in the item just staying in the router, cloging up my system. There is room for them, the barrels are not full. And you can see these purple particles in the air, going back and forth to the barrel it is trying to move...
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    Does Xp Turtles need bookshelfs or not?

    Does Xp Turtles need bookshelfs to enchant lvl 30 books or not? I have heard people saying both.
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    Router wont put more than 64 in a barrel

    As the title says. The router jams up all the time because it wont put more than 64 of something in one barrel
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    Can this MJ setup blow up?

    Basiclly I have 6 electric engines hooked up to a energy tesseract. Then I place a energy teseracts and redstone conduits where I have my machines, like Pulverizer and Magma crucibles. The engines will be on 24/7, but the machines wont draw power. Will this make something explode? I mean the...
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    Why wont this work? New world - Old inventory

    So I just migrated to the ultimate pack, from mindcrack. And I decided that I wanted a new world, but without restarting, So basicly I filled my inventory with canvas bags of stuff I wanted to keep. Then I moved my player file from my mindcrack world to my new fresh world. But, When I load the...
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    Lava - Centrifuge setup

    Im looking into make a automated Electrum,tin,copper setup, by centrifuging Lava. Im planning to have 16 industrial centrifuges, or go overkill and get like 32 or 64. So what would be the best way to do this? Piping lava from the nether? (Im worried about the chunk reset problem) Is there a aqua...
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    What kind of farms for massproducing?

    Since Arboretoreum and all those forestry farms is going to get removed, I need new farm types to massproduce stuff. Massproducing is my favorite thing in FTB. I dont wanna use the multiblock farms since they require constant fertilizer and I dont really like them. Here´s my list: Wheat -...
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    Sorting Enchanted Books?

    Is there a way to sort Enchanted books? I have tried both the redpower way and the buildcraft way, They both doesnt seperate books after their enchantment, So I guess there is´nt a way to do this?
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    CC Melee turtle- Need a very simple script

    Hey, Im searching for a script for CC melee turtles. The script should simply make the turtle attack when there is something to attack, but NOT pick up any loot! I have found dozens of scripts, but in every single one the turtle is picking up loot. I could get into programming it myself...
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    Thaumcraft 3 problem with crucible

    Hey, after playing FTB mindcrack pack for a long time now i finally got started with thaumcraft. I made the basic stuff and started researching. Researched Nitor, and right clicked the discovery note. I throw 2 coal and 6 torches into the cauldron (it was boiling) and right click with my wand...
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    Is it possible to make electric engines not to overheat?

    Im wondering if its possible to make electrical engines to not overheat? I cant find much info on it. I tried with a heat vent but it didnt work.
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    Rage Quit - Portalgun&Moon

    Hey Guys. Was just playing FTB when I remembered that something would happen if you shot the moon with your portal gun. And I tested it, While standing in my base. BAM "INSERTNAMEHERE was sucked to the moon. Respawned in my base and, All my machines, My chests&Barrels, My A.E.S.U. Everything is...