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    Villager trade bug

    I have a private modpack (BC, Logistic Pipes, TiCo, TC, Railcraft, TE, MFR, EnderStorage, Morph, NEI, InvTweaks, StorageDrawers, JABBA, BiblioCraft, Carpenter's Blocks, Tall Doors, fastcraft, Rejs Minimap and ThaumicTinkerer) and updated it yesterday. Since then every time I attempt to trade...
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    Automating enderlillies

    Is there a way to automate harvesting of enderlillies?
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    Reading railcraft tank infos with computercraft

    I'm running latest Direwolf20 pack and hooked a computer to a valve of a RC iron tank. I tried to read the tank's info with open peripheral, but instead of the expected table, the getTankInfo() method (recommended on various tuts I read) only delivers a string value. I thried both "unknown" and...