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    Builder skills

    I think all the other guys have already covered what you need to do to improve but it's not as hard as you think. For example, this was the first thing I built on our server when we started the world (sans jungle leaves and cobble stair lip) : At that early stage I didn't have anything else...
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    Twilight Forest and Wisps...?

    Go in creative mode momentarily and give yourself a pair of goggles of revealing. You'll then understand the problem. ;)
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    Take a jungle down

    Set up a filler in the 'clear' mode, 64x64 box or as tall as needed to reach the top of the trees. Hook up a REC on max power output = job done in minutes. Or find a meadows biome if you want a flat bright green area. You could also go to a rainforest with the redwood trees and clear some of...
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    Ask a simple question, get a simple answer

    Can you get repair enchant on a wand of equal trade in DW20 pack? I keep getting frugal, treasure and potency but no repair. :(
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    Creeperhost questions

    I see you are in the UK like myself. I run a DW20 server with clanslots and it's been faultless for the 6 months I've had it with them and trust me, I can find faults with things that aren't even faulty. Tenner a month for a 15 slotter and their live support is excellent. (I have no...
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    Tree Breeding (Spoilers)

    What are you wanting the saps for, Phil? May I suggest a thaumium grafter with repair II enchant on it?
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    Lets See Some Bases! Give Us a Tour!

    Too much chit chat in this thread and not enough pics. Also, may I be so bold as to suggest that people start their own build progress threads instead of cramming everything into a single 'catch all' thread? Not that there's anything wrong with this one per se, but it would make it 1000x...
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    why does my applied energistics system keep stopping?

    Do you have enough disk space to store the items you are wishing to craft?
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    'Creations' forum :)
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    'Creations' forum

    OK thanks for clarification. Maybe something could be left in the 'show us your creations' thread in FTB chat forum so that people know where they should be posting otherwise everything will just continue to be crammed into that jumbled thread.
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    Tree Breeding (Spoilers)

    Mil, that's exactly what happened with me as well and that combo weren't the only ones either. There were a couple of other combos in the breeding chain that only had mutated leaves on one of the species - rather strange. With the wenge and balsa I actually ran out of leaves on the balsas and...
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    DW20 pack has been updated to 5.3.2 but there is no change log in the mod pack updates...

    DW20 pack has been updated to 5.3.2 but there is no change log in the mod pack updates forum....... ??
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    'Creations' forum

    I've no idea what that forum is supposed to be, it appears to be rather non-descript. Just browsing through the content it seems to be for posting tutorials and mini-games mainly. The rest of the content is completely random and I'm not seeing any 'creations' threads. I think some...
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    'Creations' forum

    Is there any possibility of making us a 'creations' forum/sub-forum to post pics of our builds in? At the moment everything is crammed into one huge "show us your creations" thread in the FTB chat forum. Without wishing to ruffle any feathers, there are a number of very good aesthetic builds...
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    Possible to move infused stone blocks?

    I didn't ask whether I should or should not move them, I asked if they could be moved. I want them for aesthetics.
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    Bee question to the experts

    Me again. :D So these serums... No humidity/temp tolerance serums. What does this mean exactly? Does it mean that if I apply it to the bee it will work in any humudity/temp, like up 2 and down 2 or does it mean something else? Also what does fast flowering serum do and same for default...
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    Possible to move infused stone blocks?

    Is it possible to move TC infused stone blocks without pistons? Silk touch doesn't work and neither does the portal gun.:( DW20 pack.
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    Thermal Expansion Item Pipes?

    So AE then.
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    Is "discovering" fun?

    :eek: I didn't know that, but even so it just adds it with any others you already have that are the same so it's still a nuisance.
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    Tree Breeding (Spoilers)

    When people talk about Mahoe trees which are not in any of the current versions of the modpacks then they do not warrant discussion in this thread. It just causes unnecessary confusion, especially for new tree breeders who aren't using the wikis to breed them.