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    [1.10] RFTool Dimensions question

    I want to build one or more admin-created/powered dimensions at server start, and ideally I'd like to be able to configure them to behave just like the overworld for terrain gen and such. My problem is that I only see a scant few dimlet types in the creative or JEI inventory panels. Can...
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    AE2 subnetworks and priorities

    tl;dr: I've been having issues with my subnetworks and getting priorities to work right. Is there a way to make the system see priorities across one or more subnetworks, or do I need to make room on the main trunk lines to make everything work properly. Playing infinity. I have tried this...
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    Minetweaker(?) help

    I'm helping admin a server in FTB Infinity and have a player who has started down the bee chain to make clay, except the clay dust doesn't have a recipe to a useful clay (such as clay balls). I'd like to minetweaker in a recipe (4 bee clay dust into a clay ball), but I can't figure out how to...
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    Wishful thinking with mod interactions

    So I've been playing a magic pack lately and having a pretty good time, especially once we unlocked some of the Forbidden Magic research. I love how FM gives us cool options to integrate the different magic mods with Thaumcraft. But all it did was whet my appetite. I wish there was more! :)...
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    Natural Magic ATLauncher pack

    Anyone playing this pack? I've been poking at it recently and it's been fun, but I realized yesterday that item transport seems to be limited to golems and vanilla hoppers. Curious if anyone's been playing it for any length of time that might have other suggestions.
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    HQM Lost quests on reboot

    Something odd happened on our server last night and we had to reboot without a clean shutdown (java instance locked up...anyway) After the reboot, all players lost quest completion credit in HQM. Two of the players had partied up, and those players were no longer associated with the party...
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    Thaumcraft CV Usage

    Can multiple sources of CV stack together to feed a single device? If I had 10 nodes with 100 perdito and stuck them in the node machine, would I be able to feed all 10 of them individually into an arcane bore for full power, or would I need to wait to get a 10000 perdito node for full power...
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    36HP Boiler to turbine

    Has anyone done the math/testing to optimally affix a boiler/turbine combination and design? I was trying to play with it last night and it seemed that one boiler would optimally turn only a small turbine, but I'm fairly sure that's because I haven't completely understood the turbine math. 25...
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    New Ars Magica (1.2) mechanics

    Has anyone been playing with the newer versions of Ars Magica (1.2 versions)? I've been trying, and after realizing that making a light nexus is quite a bit more difficult (especially when moonstone isn't falling from the skies), I figured I'd go ahead and try to work with a neutral...
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    Wisps out of nowhere and other TC questions

    Posting this for a server-buddy who doesn't forum much, so the particulars are likely to be know how that word of mouth thing goes. He has not started Thaumcraft and does not have any obsidian totems in his area (and thus shouldn't have any eerie biomes) and does not have an...
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    Hungry Nodes, how to recognize?

    Title says it all. I ended up rage-quitting my game last night because I topped a hill and was in range of a hungry node before I even knew what kind of node it was. Is it a color thing? Shape? I am only assuming that there is some way to identify them with Goggles, because the alternative...
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    Ratchet and Clank: Into the Nexus

    How did I miss this!?! I had no idea there was a new R&C game in the works until I was walking through Walmart yesterday and saw a cutscene up on one of the display monitors. Woot, love me some R&C :)
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    I keep crashing my server (Unleashed 1.1.3), help.

    I'm hoping someone can suggest, maybe, what I'm doing wrong because I haven't been able to figure out what combination of stupid I put together that keeps bringing this server to its knees. I have a small base a bit away from spawn. I have attempted to confirm (via /chunkloaders) that no part...
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    ExtraUtils trashcan issues

    Anyone had issues feeding large amounts of stuff to a trashcan with AE? (for reference, unleashed 1.1.2) I've got barrels setup as priority 3 to receive wood, a priority 2 trashcan with the me storage bus setup to receive everything that I use barrels for, and then the default drives are...
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    Milking Cows

    Has anyone figured out a way to automatically milk cows in 152ngt? I tried a couple of turtle solutions (bucket and tank turtles) and neither worked.
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    Logic gate replacement programs

    In the Apmz + Ultimate == Awesome thread (I think) someone lamented the loss of redpower logic gates and asked about replacements. At the time, I suggested that computercraft could be used as relatively low cost replacements and I've started writing up some programs and pastebin'ing them for...
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    Using AE to keep a carpenter stocked

    I asked this question in the Simple Question thread, and while it took me a bit of time to work it out, I have a solution. My method calls for an ME Interface, a piece of dark cable, computercraft, and some piping. A redpower sequencer would probably work as well. Lay down the ME Interface...
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    Applied Energistics autocrafting

    Well, I thought I could figure this out, but I'm running into a roadblock, so...HELP :) I want to autocraft everything that can into a storage block. No gregtech, so I don't have to worry about using the compressor. I thought I run everything into a packager using an ME Interface, but it...
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    More questions about gates

    So I routinely run into this problem and I'm wondering if/how people generally deal with it. I'll describe my current setup, but the question is really generic. A pneumatic tube feeds stuff into a barrel. Under the barrel, I have a wooden pipe -> golden pipe -> other inventory (tesseract in...
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    Squeezers and gates

    I have not been able to find a conditional that works with buildcraft gates (gold, at least) that can understand 'there's no room for apples' or 'there's room for apples'. What's the best way to automate this? Just feed apples in as fast as you can and just make sure that you've got a...