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    Skyblock Ore Processing

    Been playing Agrarian Skies 2 lately. I've been searching for a solid auto-processing setup but everyone seems to use pulverizers for some reason. Pulverizers are great and all but they tend to be a little power hungry imo. So instead I decided to create a setup that uses auto hammerers and...
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    Current project

    Impressive project. If you are looking for a tan accent, try sandstone... kinda fits with the theme, and lots of chiseled varieties.
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    Realm of Mytisk

    I do like that idea of making the half tables and putting chests underneath them. Gonna have to steal that. ;) And your right about the smithy roof too, for centuries they had rooves of thatch and wood shingle.
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    Tinker's Construct Hammer

    Yeah more slime pieces would be a waste... especially considering that using slime for anything other than rods or binding would give you low durability and terrible damage.
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    Easy Mana

    Or you could have a Hopperhock available to pick up any excess.
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    Tinker's Construct Hammer

    It adds a random chance for a small blue slime to spawn when you use the tool. Kind of annoying honestly but they do no damage. I usually use blue slime rods for my early tools because they boost the durability quite well.
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    Auto refilling the petal apothecary

    I like this idea. While the Everful Urn is cool and nice to look at, I have found that it doesnt fill the apothicary very quickly. Which is fine if you only want to make one flower, but when crafting dayblooms or anything in bulk it can really slow you down.
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    Early Botania Mana Garden

    This is almost exactly the build that I use and it's quite effective. I tend to put a large platform at the top covered in dayblooms/nightshades and fire the mana spreader down through the water column. There it hits another spreader which directs the mana toward my collection area. But I do...
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    TC early Electri Modifier usefull?

    I really wouldn't advise using moss on a hammer any higher level than stone. You would burn through the durability so fast and the regen is so slow, especially out of sunlight. I like Azzanine's idea of making a steel hammer with thaumium handle and paper binding with a hardened capacitor...
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    Mana making.

    Wow, using sparks with augmentations you could simplify that so much. Also, you could use a single Recessive Spark on a pool that would feed all of the other pools. Therefore that pool should be the last to fill up. Use a comparator to determine when this pool is full to allow you to shut...
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    Ars Magica 2 community spellbook

    I'm having an issue with the new spell grammar in 1.2. I am trying to create a quarry type spell, but I can't seem to get it to dig more than a couple levels down. Duration symbols don't seem to have any affect, but 3 gravity symbols do seem to increase the depth to a whopping 4. Are the...
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    Ask a simple question, get a simple answer

    No the only way to go from jars to crucible is by phial, but Henry Link is right, a mana bean farm is an excellent source of essentia for crucible use.
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    Monster: Things that should be disabled by default. Your opinions

    I personally don't like dissabling mods completely. If I find out about some inventive way to generate power from dye trees or something I might make note of it, but I usually don't abuse it. More about self controll I guess. And frankly I prefer to keep dye trees around incase I actually...
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    Tank: Open Block or Railcraft

    I'm supprised no one has mentioned Dynamic Tanks. I have heard they are far less laggy and more powerful than Open Blocks tanks. The ability to hold more than one fluid in the same tank seems impressive, plus you can build in any crazy shape you want. However, I have had a few issues with...
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    Ask a simple question, get a simple answer

    The essence wand was used only in crafting. Which you could see through NEI. However I believe that it is no longer in use, and has been phased out. I know only of AM2 adding falling leaf particles to Witchwood trees and Dye Trees adding sparkles to dye trees.
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    Wrath Lamp - your experience or alternatives?

    You know.... if you removed that roof... totally have a Jedi temple goin there.
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    Recommend Minecraft Youtube channels

    You might try Kirin Dave's YT channel. I think all he plays is Resonance Rise but you could still learn some fun things.
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    Ask a simple question, get a simple answer

    Well, by that reasoning, if only one aspect is regenerating every few ticks, then nodes with more aspects would regenerate more slowly... sort of. :D
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    Ask a simple question, get a simple answer

    There is a Thaumcraft Cheat Sheet item that you can spawn in.
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    Ask a simple question, get a simple answer

    :D I actually kind of like them. Plus I'm a fan of the idea getting more people to play Minecraft... so that they get hooked and look for a better fix. Minecraft for consoles (or Pocket) is like a gateway drug.