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    At what point do YOU start Applied Energistics?

    It's usually one of my first things after the initial mining splurge to be honest; a drive full of 1k storage cells and a crafting terminal are such good early game quality of life improvements.
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    What cool little thing have you discovered today?

    I learned the awesomeness that is the typesetter and printing press.
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    Request DW20 v7 To do list..

    Some good early game advice imo: 0.5. Build a Thaumcraft wand and keep it your hotbar while you kill things. Those little orbs that mobs drop and look like XP but aren't? .. those recharge wands in hotbars. 1. Get flight ASAP. If you have morph enabled, wisps are a winner as they don't have the...
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    Well of suffering help.

    Not sure, haven't tried. I play with Geostrata disabled.
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    Well of suffering help.

    If neither auto-spawners or cursed earth is working, then it's probably a server plugin like Clearlag that's restricting entity count. Could explain why his witches despawn too. Auto-spawners and cursed earth both still spawn when restricting devices like magnum torches are in place.
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    Well of suffering help.

    You could try 'em, flesh golems have high health regeneration as standard, and this is increased by the tiny fezzes and further by the water. Not sure villagers would survive with just the water.
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    Well of suffering help.

    If you don't want to play around with spawning, you can use flesh golems upgraded with mini fezzes swimming in a regenerating pool of promised land spring water. They out-regen the blood altar's damage.
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    Unable to log into multiplayer server - falling through void.

    To add to the above; I'm the only player on the server affected and when I try to connect to other open servers running the same modpack I'm also just getting End of Stream errors, so it's definitely something on my end.
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    Unable to log into multiplayer server - falling through void.

    Hi, all. I've an odd problem and am hoping that someone out there has heard of it before and is able to assist. I downloaded the monster pack (1.09 with BoP enabled and denlib updated to 3.2.6) and joined a new server this morning. Everything was fine for a couple hours, but then I was...
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    Whitelist Server Stjerncraft | FTB Unleashed 1.1.3 | Europe | [FEW BANNED ITEMS]

    What is you minecraft in-game name?(Not E-Mail)(Case sensitive!): Grungi How long have you been playing Minecraft? How long have you been playing Feed The Beast?: Hard to say. Had minecraft for a couple years now, and have extensive experience with the mods that were in the Ultimate pack. Why do...
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    Can't breed Resolute bees

    As it happens, I bred Resolute yesterday from tarnished/corroded so can 100% confirm that the mutation is still active; at least in the Ultimate pack.
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    Pumping in reverse?

    Redpower pump does this, not sure if there's a replacement with the same functionality in a non-RP2 pack.
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    Soul Shards for power

    Hmm, that could well be the case, brujon. Mob might be despawning before they splat in a drop-spawner, but MFR grinders might sometimes catch 'em before they do. And yeah, wikis heh .. not the most reliable of things.
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    Soul Shards for power

    Dunno what to tell ya; it's an extremely simple test to replicate if you want to see for yourself. I assume you're also chunkloading with a chickenchunk?
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    When is soul forge gonna get fixed?

    Not entirely true with thaumic bees changing to magic bees. Magic bees has Oblivion Hives; they spawn at diamond level in the overworld surrounded by End stone.
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    Soul Shards for power

    Just tested it in a 1.4.7 ultimate SP world, and yep .. they do. :) Easy test. Chunkloader next to a T5 drop spawner with a wood golem worker collecting drops and putting them in an enderchest. Move a long distance away, drop a matching enderchest. The items in the ender chest will not...
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    Soul Shards for power

    Unless something has changed recently, spawners (even chunkloaded T5 ones) don't work if there is no player within 8 chunks. If this is still true (it was in 1.4.7 when last I tested it) and you're chunkloading, then boilers might be a bad idea. Wither skeletons would seem to be the most...
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    About GregTech Machines Blowing Up In The Rain

    Gotta be honest, when this feature first hit our server I pished myself laughing when reading the chat. There seem to be a lot of people who don't bother actually building things in minecraft. :)
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    Ultimate 1.5.2 ... Greg vs mDiyo

    Not sure which side of this I come down on tbh, it's a pretty clear and obviously crippling dupe bug when Tinkers and GT are both installed. The ability to easily and infinitely dupe metals such as iridium? .. that can't go unaddressed. Greg's message is a dick move, buuuut .. we don't know...