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    Windows .exe [TPPI v2.0][Probably not pack-specific] Explored too much, server crashed, crashes again on rejoin

    Operating System, bit type: Windows 8.1 64-bit Java version/update, bit type: Version 7, update 51, 64-bit Launcher version: Up to date Completed the troubleshooting guide (y/n): Read it, reinstalling client probably wouldn't help Console log, link: Nothing interesting here...
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    Ars Magica 2 community spellbook

    Now with organization! The arcane compendium is pretty clear on how to create spells, but it is not always clear on what spells actually do and how to put them together. I have not been able to find a decent guide to spellmaking so I'm making one. Here we have a list of useful and interesting...
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    [Crossmod exploit] MFR grinder system vs Ars Magica 2 progression

    So I was playing DW20 1.08 and had the idea to hit an earth guardian with a safari net. This works with all the bosses, and the auto-spawner can clone it like any other creature. Cloned bosses do not damage terrain when they appear. Grinders can slowly kill bosses, and produce infinity orbs...
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    Carminite reactor - what is the point of this?

    You turn it on, everything turns to fake gold and diamond blocks that you can't mine, it starts eating nearby blocks (including the fake gold and diamond) and it explodes. When it explodes you are left with a couple of little ghasts. But... why? Is this just a pointless complicated exploding...
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    Automating oreberries?

    So I tried but the author seems to have made these things things turtle-resistant. turtle.attack() with an engineering turtle makes the ripe berry disappear but it does not appear in the turtle's inventory. turtle.dig() with a mining turtle produces an oreberry bushling in the inventory but no...
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    MFFS to EU?

    The MFFS converter can convert FE to EU. I would like a setup where I put in forcicium as fuel and EU comes out. I have read about other people doing this but I can't seem to profitably extract FE from forcicium. Was that power loop patched?
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    turtle.attack() and not working in SMP

    Turtles can neither attack mobs nor place blocks on a server I play on, although they can break blocks and move. This is true both for trusted programs I pastebinned and for programs I wrote myself, and I tested the programs in SSP and they worked. I think what the server owners have done is...
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    Assembling machine - what is it?

    I saw this thing in the latest update. I'd been making circuits the old-fashioned way - how do I use this? There's no documentation anywhere.
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    Labyrinth as a house?

    The lowest level of a Twilight Forest labyrinth is surrounded by a very big bedrock box. The server owner of my current FTB home won't let me mine any bedrock and has promised to ban me if I do. Alright then, not a block will be mined. Instead I could hollow out the labyrinth and use it as a...
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    What should I build next?

    So I like building big things. It's an arch. That's my vanilla server house, done mostly with cast cobblestone. Honestly it was a bit too spacious for vanilla and I decided I didn't like living in round things. And that's a slightly old picture of my Castillo de San Marcos on a FTB...
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    Help: automating a MFFS

    I have managed to create a shield. Now I want it to stay on 24/7. I have one extractor to charge the compact forcicium cells and another to uncharge them to feed the MFFS capacitor. For the life of me I cannot figure out how to remove a fully charged cell; the charging slot in the extractor...
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    Project Ouroboros - the steam-based overunity machine

    Gosh, that's a lot of boilers. What silliness am I up to now? All this machinery turns steam to EU to oil to fuel. To more steam. There are twelve boilers total feeding three refineries, because two refineries wasn't fast enough. Steam exits via the liquid tesseracts and becomes EU...
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    Aura woes

    So I tried growing a massive pure node in my base with silverwood trees. This works, for a while. I come back later, the big aura node I made is gone. A tree is still there, but the node is not. All those wasted silverwood saplings... What causes this bug?