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    Ars Magica 2 community spellbook

    I'm going to update this when TPPI updates and I've played around with it a bit.
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    Best Tools and Weapons?

    Add three piercing modifiers and you'll dig out a 7x7x7 cube with one click. If that is not enough, check out the quarry zone spell in the community spellbook. Automatically dig a 7x7 hole straight down to bedrock, and have multiple zones going at once. There is no way to do a fortune...
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    Best Tools and Weapons?

    Rapiers have armor piercing, which is just so overpowered for some bosses and is more or less mandatory for killing players in power armor. I've gotten mine up to 21 damage plus charging and fortune. I'm not 100% confident there's no way to improve on this, but it will one-shot both normal...
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    Mekanism: Feature Request Thread

    Flamethrowers. Like, really devastating flamethrowers. Panics mobs, instantly destroys leaves and grasses, detonates creepers. Runs on hydrogen or something and has cool sound effects.
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    What do you Think is the Best/Most Useful Item/Block/Multi-Block Structure in FTB

    Building a massive AE system is fun. Automate all the things! After your system grows for a while and you get a wireless access terminal or remote orderer it does feel like clicking stuff in from NEI or creative. However, with the tools and spells and features you're eventually going to reach...
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    Finite Water?

    There are/have been decent finite liquid mods that alter water physics to be more realistic. This would be fine, except making Minecraft water behave like actual water so it can fill in craters in the ocean and stuff invariably results in horrible lag.
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    Am I correct in assuming TC and GT still don't mesh well with one another?

    TPPI has both in it. GregTech automatically creates recipes for manyullyn/cobalt/ardite bolts and washers and other bits and pieces if you do this. What you'd build with these pieces is a mystery.
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    Looking for base design?

    I remember the old Soul Shards. I could never give up having infinite mob drops, so I started building bases around the limitations of vanilla spawner mechanics. You will probably want a box with the interior sized 9x9xn for the spawners. Usually there's an auto-spawner below a tesseract below...
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    Ars Magica 2 community spellbook

    Yeah, you need a shape. If it's projectile then you shoot a projectile in whichever direction you happen to be facing when hit, so we're going to have to go with AoE or spells with their own built-in AoE. >Contingency: Damage | Self | Firestorm | Blizzard This will immobilize and murderize...
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    What mods add dimensions, and a mod poll

    Applied Energistic's dimension is the inside of a ME spatial storage disk. You must enable spatial storage, build the pylons, and attempt to save yourself to disk. Don't bring any placed tile entities.
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    What mods add dimensions, and a mod poll

    Ars Magica 2 - kinda shitty and lethal. Biomes O' Plenty - even shittier but safe. Extra Utilities - worth visiting, lethal. Twilight Forest - amazing, lethal in places. Applied Energistics - disabled by default for a reason. Mystcraft - well, it depends. Hardcore Ender Expansion -...
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    Ars Magica 2 community spellbook

    I think the way the grammar works, it's interpreted like projectile(mark,(self(recall))). Go to the inscription table in creative, put in some symbols, and hit "make spell" in the top left. Maybe throw in some velocity added and range. It functions almost exactly like limitless enderpearls.
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    Ars Magica 2 community spellbook

    The concept works and you've been credited. Range is the modifier for hitting at a greater distance, duration is for buff length.
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    Ars Magica 2 community spellbook

    PVP in FTB is kind of not fun and is sometimes literally hide and go seek with bazookas. If they find your base you're probably going to die and there's very little you can do to stop it. If I have some early warning I will stealth, hide in a corner, and get ready to shoot them in the back with...
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    Ars Magica 2 community spellbook

    Everybody loves Succubism. If I ever disappear for a long period of time I wouldn't mind if she does her own version. It has been updated with some spell requests I got, and I'm thinking about what to add next. Some people might appreciate a guide to boss summoning; it's technically all in the...
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    Ask a simple question, get a simple answer

    If they take away your watering can then try lilypads of fertility from Xeno's. They stack... The real trick to vastly OP amounts of resources is a chunkloader and a pair of Thaumcraft golems.
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    Ars Magica 2 community spellbook

    I read the code wrong. This has been corrected.
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    Minecraft Darwin Awards 2014

    Oh cool, you can put Hardcore Ender Expansion ender guardians (giant explosion-causing miniboss endermen with 80 health) in a safari net and get their drops! Oh cool, Dartcraft makes iron golem spawners craftable! Sticking both of these in the grinder at the same time was not the smartest...
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    Ars Magica 2 community spellbook

    Edited to include silver-level spell unlocks.
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    Windows .exe [TPPI v2.0][Probably not pack-specific] Explored too much, server crashed, crashes again on rejoin

    Operating System, bit type: Windows 8.1 64-bit Java version/update, bit type: Version 7, update 51, 64-bit Launcher version: Up to date Completed the troubleshooting guide (y/n): Read it, reinstalling client probably wouldn't help Console log, link: Nothing interesting here...