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    The state of 1.6 Modpacks

    Now that RL is calming down for me and I will be getting much much more time to sit down and do what I love (game dev,) it is also time for me to announce the end of 1.6 FTB Official packs. In the next week, I will be releasing an update for all 1.6 FTB Official packs and then having a time of 1...
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    Modpack Updates

    Well, pretty much all the packs got an update today. Recommended pushes will be on the normal time frame. @VikeStep will get change logs up on the pack listings sometime soon. See you all at PAX East!
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    Important Announcement

    EDIT *****For everyone that reads this, I will leave this up however you should be aware that whilst it is true that there was a fight, I felt I had no choice but to take Jadedcats side. Whilst I know everyone knows Jadedcat is biased, even I felt that Eyamaz's desire to remove everything that...
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    Monster 1.1.0 and Horizons 2.1.0

    Its about that time, I think. Both packs are now moving out of beta. At this point, I will not be accepting bugs from pre-beta versions of the packs nor will I be offering support for updating worlds to these versions. If you do wish to update your worlds, you MUST break all rotartycraft shafts...
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    Monster 1.0.11 .jar error fix.

    What happened? corruption why? conspiracy! No really... This mornings Monster update (1.0.11) ended on the repo with a corrupt Mariculture file that contained a size of 0. I don't exactly know why, since my local copies contained a perfectly fine copy. Interwebz happens. I have uploaded a...
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    Horizons Hot(derp)fix 2.0.1

    Yeah. I'm a derp. I didn't unpack Tropicraft with the 2.0.0 upload. Nor did I include my updated configs that are needed to use it in Horizons. This is why I shouldn't upload while I'm half asleep. @VikeStep all you need to put in the changelog is: "Eyamaz is a derp. This fixes the Tropicraft...
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    The slightly overdue updates

    or Better Late Than Never... In this set of updates, ore gen has taken a major overhaul, and I mean a lot. ATG has also received an update, but you only really need to worry about that if you care about keeping your world pretty. Change Logs will be available at the normal place once @VikeStep...
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    A week of nothing

    This week you only get three things from me: The latest versions of Horizons, Monster, and MW2 will move to recommended. Yes, this does mean I decided to go the no update route before looking at moving packs stable. This does not mean, however, that I AM moving them stable, only looking at...
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    Monster/Horizons Hotfixes

    Pardon my tardiness. I have not been feeling well. Monster 1.0.9 and Horizons 1.0.13 Fixes typo in ATG.cfg that made all desert worldgen Fixes render issues with Rotarycraft/Reactorcraft Readjusts Big Reactors output to 75% of a single Reactorcraft Turbine Fixes a few recipe conflicts (Monster)...
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    Monster, Horizons, and Magic World 2 Updates (1/28/14)

    Its about that time again, and this round includes a much over due update for Magic World 2. I'll be giving a short overview. Change Logs will be a little behind again since I'm pushing these so late, but will be available in the usual place in the next 24 hours or so. Magic World 2 1.0.1...
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    PSA: Monster 1.0.6 and 1.0.7 Hotfix

    In a few hours I'll be uploading Monster 1.0.7 due to about 5 configs being rolled backwards for some odd reason. Non of the mods themselves from 1.0.6 have changed at all, except one. I am temporarily putting Open Blocks in as .disabled until we can figure out a fix for the issue with the...
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    Horizons 1.0.9 and Monster 1.0.3

    With the release of these two updates, I highly recommend a world reset. There have been substantial changes to some of world generation for both packs as well as changes to BoP if you use that generation on its own, or with ATG. Continuing a world with either update is at your own risk. That...
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    Unsupported Monster 1.6.4 Bug Reports

    Issues pre-1.1.0 will be removed if posted after this point! Please note we cant fix a lot of the issues just report them here so we can fix them in future. Be sure to send the FTB console log not the minecraft crash report Please report all Launcher crashes/ failures here...
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    Unsupported Magic World 2 1.6.4 -BETA- Bug Reports

    WARNING : This pack is a Public Beta with any luck nothing major will change in the next 3 weeks. ID's should be stable. However it is completely possible that something could go horrible wrong you may find a catastrophic bug the test team missed and you might lose a few things. Projected time...
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    Change Log Site

    All change logs for the official FTB packs have been (or are being, in the case of older packs) moved to Public Modpack Listings As always, thank @VikeStep for maintaining them.
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    Blood N Bones [Hardcore Survival]

    There is an evil brewing...
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    Solved Multicraft Configs for FTB

    May be downloaded from one of my websites at the following: This file contains two .conf files for use with multicraft when running the ftbserver.jar. The files are contained in different folders because they have to be...
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    JVM Arguments for Modded Minecraft (Updated 12/30/13)

    Updated 12/30/13 **Please Note** The following performance tweaks REQUIRE a 64bit OS, Java7u45 (or above), and a minimum of 3GBs of free RAM. I will also continue to keep these updated if I find better ways to increase performance. Special thanks to Keybounce for his research and ideas Time for...
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    Tapatalk api

    I keep getting spammed on my phone now that I'm trying out tapatalk 4 beta that the api is out of date for this website.
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    TwitchPacalypse 2013

    for all of those who watch on a regular basis... mr ruckus has made an inspirational song i would like to share with you all. TwitchPacalypse 2013 by Eddie Ruckus <3 ya eddie