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    1.4.7 NEI no longer working

    I've tried a couple times recently to use some old 1.4.7 modpacks. Except NEI does not work. And yes, the modpacks have NEIfix in the coremods folder. But it no longer does anything. Any ideas to fix this? No, the O key, in any combination with other keys, does not bring NEI up. NEI no longer...
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    CodeChickenLib question (complaint)

    CodeChickenLib is a required component for many other mods. My problem is that I have no idea why anyone would use a mod that, for years, has always made it impossible to explore in Minecraft. The mod makes it to where if you do a lot of traveling the game freezes for several seconds, and it...
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    ALL portals stopped working

    I know the modpack isn't FTB, but I'm hoping that this is a problem someone has run into. I'm playing Modern Skyblock 2 and had just set up a digital miner in the Beneath. I used Flux Networks to provide power, but forgot to chunkload my base. I left the game running, with me next to the...
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    Forestry 1.12.2 greenhouse information?

    Dose anyone have any information on Forestry's 1.12.2 version of the greenhouse? All I could find was for older versions, which has changed. I can tell the current version makes a small (3x2x3 to 5x5x5) multiblock that doesn't allow most of the greenhouse blocks, but can't figure out what to...
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    What are these enchants? (1.7.10)

    I'm playing 1.7.10 with a bunch of mods, including Enchanting Plus. And I see some enchants that I have no idea what mod they're from or what they do. I think they're from one mod, though I could be wrong. I can't find any info on these with Google. So I'm wondering if anyone knows what they...
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    Old UU matter and IC2 experimental problem (1.6.4)

    Recently, Dartcraft added a way to get IC2's old UU matter. It works with the old version of the recipes. Except I can't get it to work at all. According to Bluedart he can get it to work with IC2 version 394, but I'm using the latest version of Monster, which has 397. I can't get any of the...
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    Natura bloodwood and MFR Harvester problem

    Currently playing Monster 1.0.10. A version or two ago I tried using a MFR Harvester on a Natura Bloodwood tree. It worked fine, in reverse. Trimming the leaves downwards then cutting the wood upwards. I just rebuilt that in the current version of Monster. The Harvester now only harvests...
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    Automating Natura's blood saplings?

    Has anyone managed to automate them? The main problem with this being that you plant them on the ceiling and they grow downwards. I'd like to play with them, especially since they drop redstone occasionally.
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    MFR Rancher changes

    MFR has changed how the rancher treats squids, cows, and mooshrooms. They can no longer be milked by multiple machines, and have a cooldown. under the changes...
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    Natura not working in Unleashed 1.15?

    I updated to 1.15 and started a new world. But I couldn't find any Natura items, such as berries and trees. Including in NEI. But Natura is listed as being active in the launcher. Did something change or is it not working?
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    Bio Generator (Forestry) not working

    Using Unleashed 1.14. I have a Foresrty Bio Generator set up to run my IC2 machines (I have plenty of MFR biofuel to convert to ethanol). It was supplying power to an MFE through a single glass fibre cable, which supplied power to my machines. Everything was working fine for some time...
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    MFR biofuel experiment

    I wanted to check how much crossbreeding I would have to do with IC2's Crops to run a Bioreactor without running out of fuels. It turns out none at all. There are eight different IC2 plants that can power a Reactor, though one has a duplicate and one requires outside processing. Six of those...
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    Which mod changes the sky height?

    I'm having performance issues with the current (1.5.x Minecraft) version of FTB, that I didn't have in Minecraft 1.4.x. I'm checking mods to see if the change is with Minecraft, a mod, or my computer. I don't know if the sky change is the cause, but I'd like to check if that's the reason, and...
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    "Tinker's Construct" what is this item?

    I found an item in NEI called a "casting channel", made with five seared bricks like a boat is. In Unleashed 1.1.4. Anyone know what it's for?
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    Memory problem of some sort?

    First I know I don't have much RAM, using Window's XP and 2G RAM. But I only started having this problem recently. When I get near any biome that has lots of tall trees, like a jungle or Twilight Forest, my computer quickly starts lagging. And I mean my entire computer. Minecraft eventually...
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    Catching Forestry butterflies?

    As the thread title says, how do you catch the things? I've heard you use scoops, but all I've been able to do with them is kill butterflies.
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    Fact about finding Mystcraft pages

    In my previous couple worlds I noticed that I had a hard time finding anything other than biome pages. So my next world I made had Twilight Forest and Biomes O' Plenty disabled. I found most of the non-biome pages quite quickly in that world. It looks like Mystcraft assigns an equal chance...
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    MFR sewer and composter question

    As I understand it each sewer has a maximum output, I think 100 a second (that's how often they dump sewage into the pipes but 100 could be per tick), or six cows per sewer. But I don't know how much each mod's pipes can transfer. So basically what's the best pipe to use, and how many sewers...