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    FTB Infinity Lite 1.10 - Chunk Loading Ward

    Hi everyone, I just started playing the FTB Infinity Lite pack for 1.10, and I was wondering why there is no recipe for the Chunk Loading Ward.. is it due to the version of ExtraUtils2 or is it disabled on purpose ?
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    [Spotlight] Immersive Engineering ! (French)

    Hello everybody ! I'm back with a brand new kind of episode, a mod spotlight on... Immersive Engineering ! You guys probably saw this mod on ForgeCraft and waited for it for a long time, and it is now out ! Just come by on YouTube to get a good overview on what this mod is all about ! Believe...
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    [French] Agrarian Skies 2 !

    Good news, everyone ! I'm back with a brand new series, an adventure in the void with the famous Agrarian Skies 2 modpack, realized by the talented Jadedcat, which is back for Minecraft 1.7.10 ! In this modpack, no overworld where you are crowling under resources, no gigantic world to explore...
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    Runic Dungeons: how to find the guardian ?

    I'm playing the Infinity modpack version 1.5, and I already spent a couple of hours in the runic dungeons trying to find the guardian. So far, I've found 4-5 wither rooms, and also the dungeon's "end", when you open a door to the void (I followed a linear path from the spawn), but still no...
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    [French] Infinity Let's Play !

    Hi guys ! I started a brand new let's play series with the Infinity mod pack, in my native language, which is French ! So if you wanna learn some cool tricks AND learn French, don't hesitate to come by and watch ! Episode 1 is already out: And the second one should come in a few hours ...
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    FTB shop down ?

    Hi guys ! Do you know what happened to the FTB shop ? Seems like it's been down for a while now... and I need to replace my FTB shirt that my cats ruined ! ;-)
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    Thaumic Tinkerer's Dynamism Tablet

    Hi everyone, I wanted to craft a Dynamism Tablet from Thaumic Tinkerer in the Direwolf20 1.7.10 pack, and I couldn't unlock the research in my Thaumonomicon.. (and I checked in the cheat Thaumonomicon to be sure it was this one). A little bit of googling later, I found that I had to complete...
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    Funky Locomotion builds

    Hi guys ! So, the DW20 pack for 1.7.10 includes this awesome mod that is Funky Locomotion. I know that in the past, you could do the same with other mods, but I didn't play FTB at that time (shame on me I know). Most of us have probably seen the Überminer from DW20 himself and all the possible...