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    Minimap shows to remove them? 1.7.10

    I'm just getting back into FTB (I used to record, but I took a break and forgot everything apparently!), and the minimap in the top right has monsters showing now by default. I love the map, but would like to remove the monsters...can someone give me the default command to configure the map?
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    Redius Reboots with Resonant Rise

    Whew. Changes in the altered.......throwing myself off a cliff.....yep, it's all here. SEASON 2, EPISODE 1 GOES LIVE, RIGHT NOW.
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    Redius' Wonka Factory

    I had a dream; not a MLK kind of dream, but one where you wake up and realize you just had a dream about Feed the Beast and building a new base. It was glorious. And the idea for a new base wouldn't go away, so rather than fight it, I just built it. I left my base, in my LP series, and spent...
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    Memory Connection Overburdened

    I'm very confused as to why (and what I suppose) this message is. I'm running a computer that should have zero issues with a heavily modded FTB client (4.1ghz, 8gb ram, of which 5GB is allocated through the ATlauncher). I am using a 128x texture pack, but even so, 5gb worth of memory shouldn't...
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    Compact solar error

    I've been crashing (on 1.1.5 ultimate) in my mystcraft world recently. It's not immediate, so today I zoned in and brought up the console to watch for error messages. After about 30s, I saw the following (in yellow text): EnergyNet.emitEnergyFrom: called for...
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    Lets Play with Redius (FTB Unleashed and now in 720p!)

    (Quick edit; changed the title name to match my in-game name...folks were commenting they were having trouble on google searches, kept getting hits for the game "Lemming". Fixed!) Hi folks, Redius here; I've started a FTB "Lets Play" style series. I'd love for critiques and constructive...