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    ultimate pack on server

    well ill try explain this easy so you can get what has happened on a server i play and admin on 2 days ago changed from mindcrack to ultimate pack kept same world and added mining age to spawn the new ores. today we logged on all green swamp land now have rivens in it even tho they didnt (...
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    unable to launch any pack

    well after being off a few hrs today i tryed launched my ftb then selected a mod pack and with all packs i get IOException, minecraft servers might be down. Check @ Login failed: i checked ftb status,and minecraft all is online so dont know what to od
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    steam boilers

    have a question about these, i had 4 high pressure boilers, all with 4 AA all run on fuel, each 1 has 8 indust steam engines, 4 turbines, 1 turbine 3000m+ away, none stop fuel and water supply then randomly today after it being on for almost 24hrs stright 1 just blew up. dont know how or why but...