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    Solved Green Team Furnace Generator quest bugged

    The green team chest will not accept the Furnace Generator.
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    Solved Unexpected recipe change

    Summary of the problem Unexpected recipe change Pack Version 1.1.0 What is the bug? There was an unexpected recipe change for the tin gear. In 1.0.0 it properly used 4 tin and 1 iron to make the TE gear but now it requires 4 tin and a cobblestone gear. This is the only gear I've noticed that...
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    Closed Breaking Heavy Sieve Destroys Mesh

    Summary of the problem Breaking Heavy Sieve Destroys Mesh Pack Version 3.0.0 What is the bug? Breaking a Heavy Oak Sieve from Ex Compressum with a mesh inside it will destroy the mesh. Mod & Version Ex Compressum 2.0.54 Link to log file Is it repeatable? Yes Known Fix Looks...