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    Server Crash while placing blocks

    A player on my server was sneak placing dirt under himself and the server crashed. When it came back up, the block wasn't under him and he fell to his death. I'm only mentioning this because we were having block lag at the time and the server log shows we were dropping lots of ticks. Version...
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    Is Shiny Metal gone from Unleashed 1.1.3?

    I've pulverized a stack of Ferrous Ore and haven't received one shiny metal.
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    Need Help on Railcraft Commercial Steam Engine Orientation Issue

    I have a 36LP Boiler with 18 commercial steam engines and using a setup I've used on previous FTB iterations I'm having a new trouble. My Steam engines, once placed in the correct orientation with liquiduct of steam at their back and redstone energy conduit at the front will randomly re-orient...
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    Suggest some fun, big, complex projects to keep a world interesting

    I like having projects to build, especially when I get past the stage where I need to go down into the earth to gather resources. Once I have my power sorted and my inventory management sorted (literally) I tend to get bored. I'll update my OP with a list of suggestions so others can have a...
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    Where to see download stats on different packs?

    I'm interested in seeing up-to-date stats on downloads of different packs. Is this available somewhere on the site?
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    FTB Unleashed Minimap Menu Key is Equals

    Just posting this for the many folks like me who have been used to M as the key - you need to know it's "=" so that you can get in there and change the keys to something you're used to. Not the right place for this? Tell me where.