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    Wanting to get into packmaking.

    As the titles says, I want to get into packmaking. I have thrown together a few mods but when it came to bug fixing, I had no clues on what to do. I do have an idea on what I want so no problem there. Pretty much what I need help with is the debugging aspects of packmaking. Everything else I...
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    First Build

    First off, this is mostly hypothetical as money is a rather limited resource in my house. As such I have decided on a limit of $1000. As this is my first build, I have very little experience on what is good. For my plans for my computer usage, I will be modeling in Blender alongside playing...
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    Where am I?

    The premise of this game is simple, one must guess the location the above poster is referring to, for example; Poster A I am a city of many angels. Poster B Los Angeles? Try to be more creative than that, AND DON'T LOOK THEM UP! I'll start: I am a pair of dinosaurs in a windy area...
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    Monster not launching

    When I try to launch Monster a error pops up saying 'Java has stopped working'. Here is the console log in debug mode: I have been able to launch Monster before and this issue has happened before, however no solution was found. Edit: Right after I post this, it...
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    Don't know why this hasn't been done yet.

    Having a Looking For A Server would help a lot of people IMO.