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    Gregtech Quarry

    This is not a gregtech flame war please :) I am wanting to try the challenge that gregtech has thrown at me in ultimate but can someone let me know if I can smelt titanium dust in a normal blast furnace. How do I upgrade my diamond drill? I eventually want a quarry but it says I need a...
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    Where oh where are my bees going....

    I have a pretty intense setup for my automated bee hives.... Lots of apiarist's pipes, all set to feed one hive above them based on the specific breed in the hive and a bunch of iron pipes collecting the excess that gets sorted. This is all in a mystcraft age with eternal sun and no...
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    OK, this is doing my head in....

    I have been trying to move my Thaumcraft Node... it moves fine but every time I log out and then back in, it is resetting. What is going on?!!!
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    Moving TC3 nodes.

    I moved my node last night and come back today to find that it has reset back to it original place after two moves.... am I missing something?
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    So I have a problem.

    The story goes that I have being doing a bunch of Thaumcraft, research all of it and golems running everywhere, you know the bizz. So I need a wand of Thaumaturge, so I dig a hole and set up a filler to clear a big room for a wither killing zone. Problem occurs when I go back to see how the...
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    Best way to move MJ between ages.

    Whats the best way to move power from my power room to the age that my bees are in? Tried a redstone energy cell with block breakers and ender chests but forgot that I have to shift right click to remove the cell and keep the power and deployers cant seem to shift right click... any other ideas?
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    Moving mystcraft spawn

    I have made a nice little mystcraft age where all my bees are set up and such but now I want to move the area where I end up in when I link to that age... move the stone area if that makes sense. Is this possible?
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    DW20 - Cannot find my Thaumcraft Arua Node

    My goggles say I am in the dangerous bit of flux overload thingy and I was looking forward to killing a bunch of wisps or a giant zombie or something... I go out of my cave to go looking for my aura node and can't find it anywhere. There are nodes around the map but I just can't seem to find...