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    Texture pack suggestion (OCD by Disco based)

    yay! keep up the good work Sir!
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    Texture pack suggestion (OCD by Disco based)

    You, Sir, are a gentleman and a scholar. I salute you.
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    Does the launcher work for you?

    It works like a charm.
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    RedPower news, and thaumcraft

    IN turn, too much vit A causes death xD you knew that?
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    32x [32x] JohnSmith Technician's Remix

    GUIs need to be improved a bit, otherwise this is a great texture pack. I'd also add a fan to the IC2 heat vents texture, just behind the one that is currently used to better represent the vanilla IC2 texture :)
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    [16x] Isabella II: FTB Edition

    It looks really nice :)
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    Texture pack suggestion (OCD by Disco based)

    if anyone asks over on the Minecraft Forums or has updates on a possible FTB OCD disco pack, post in this thread!
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    32x [32x] JohnSmith Technician's Remix

    an awesome texture pack. beats sphax cartoonish - pentagonal style 100 to 0. keep up the good work guys. I'll be spreading the word about this TP.
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    Welcome to the FTB forums, and good luck on your studies!
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    Solved Common Server problems, and sollutions.

    3. Twilight portals and centrifuge extractors stacked in the same chunk are known to cause relevant lag. If possible, try to diversify their location.
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    FTB no server plugins issue discussion thread.

    What discomforts me most is that slowpoke said that he said he has no idea if it the porting will ever happen, as they have no clear solution ahead for the forge vs. bukkit issue.
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    I'd wait for a third party - custom modpack to be released with it, but as others stated, it's really a resource hog.
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    What if you could use only one mod?!

    I'd personally go for IC2. But in truth I cannot pick one.. It's too hard.
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    Rolling machines

    Check in the config files for GT if the hard recipes are on, and if that corresponds to the server setting.
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    European mainland represent !

    Hello and welcome to the FTB community!
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    Inordinate Greeting Custom

    You sir have your priorities in order, and I agree with everything you wrote.
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    Hello hello

    Hello and welcome to the FTB community! I play BF3 too, just add Stellastronza to your friends if you want.
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    Hello Freakyman403 Here

    Welcome to the league of.... Err, FTB forums :)
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    Little late introduction

    Welcome to the FTB forums! Greetings from a fellow European :)
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    Hello World

    Welcome to the FTB community!