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    The future of automation

    I have been thinking recently about the number of things that can be automated now using modded minecraft. Everything from resource gathering to processing to crafting can be automated in some way or another. Mods also seem to be tending towards automation, especially with the introduction of...
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    Launcher issues

    OK so I have been having issues launching FTB. For both monster 1.1.0 and 1.1.1 as well as bloodNbones recommended version I cannot start up the game. The log window is still visible for a while but this then closes. I am certain that minecraft is closing because I clicked re open minecraft...
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    Cake Factory

    OK so I am trying to create a cake factory in FTB monster for 240rf/t in a culinary generator. I have two questions. 1. Is it possible to milk a cow with an autonomous activator without the activator putting down the milk as a liquid? 2a. If it is, does a cyclic assembler auto eject used...
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    Forestry breeding not working

    OK, my issue is this: I am trying to breed a white willow tree to make a good biomass tree as suggested by omicron here: However, I have not received this mutation yet despite grafting well over 20 leaves (NEI says the chance is 10%). I know this tree has to be bred in a damp/warm biome, and...
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    Internet troubles

    Does anybody know any ways to speed up internet for downloading java, ftb, etc? I just got a new PC but at the moment it is so slow and only has a wifi USB adaptor so the internet barely works. Is there any way to speed this up other than wifi PCI card etc? Thank you
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    Mac Direwolf20 1.6.4 Launcher latest version loading crash

    I was loading up the direwolf20 pack and this happened I'm using OS x mavericks on a macbook pro with 4gb ram and a 2.4 dual core processor. I did manage to load up the pack today so i am clueless to why this crash happened. This has happened twice in a row. Please...
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    Transfer Nodes

    Hey people, I have a couple of questions about extra utilities transfer nodes since they don't seem to get used much: Will a max speed node keep up with a fertilised treefarm or will I need a buffer? How does routing work ie - do the nodes target the closest inventory first or do they just...
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    Which farms/crops do you prefer?

    Just out of interest what do you guys use to farm for power, if you do? MFR, Forestry, Golems etc. Which ones do you think are OP or balanced. Just interested because next time I restart. World I would like to use a different setup to my current farm, an MFR farm with force trees (I'm using a...