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    Whitelist Server AxiomCraft// TPPI! // 24/7 // Plugins // Mature

    Im afraid it tells me that i am not whitelisted.
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    Whitelist Server AxiomCraft// TPPI! // 24/7 // Plugins // Mature

    ill give it a go IGN: Emiloow Age: 22 Are you new to FTB? been playing FTB on off for a year, running a few personal servers. Why should I add you? Im a relaxed mature individual looking for some time away from the buzz of daily life, i tend to get some grand ideas where sadly myself alone is...
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    Whitelist Server New Crazycraft | Unhinged 1.1.0 | 20 Slots | EU |

    Emiloow 22 Denmark Im a casual mature player looking to kick back, relax and create stuff. Playing alone obviously gets too boring, and i enjoy that endgame is miles away.I also like to make big projects with others, huge buildings etc. for a little eyecandy. and sense of achievement. BoP and UB...
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    Whitelist Server Feed The Beast Ultimate Pack, Great Community, 50 Slot Server

    IGN: Emiloow Age (Over 16 REQUIRED): 21 Ever been banned? If yes explain: No Personality (Outgoing or Quite): mix of both, when i get to know people i will be talking a lot.
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    Whitelist Server StrawHats • Ultimate Pack • 18+ • Dedicated • EU

    IGN: Emiloow Age: 21 (22 the 20th of March) Where are you From?: Denmark why do you want to join us?: currently playing alone, but obviously more fun with others. How much do you play?: not all that much, sometimes i go crazy and play a ton. Favorite mod?: probably buildcraft or IC oh i didnt...