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    Look Ma! No Bees! (or: How To Make Trees Breed Themselves)

    Hrm. So, I'm going to summarize some things I've read through the thread. I have not done any testing of this, personally. This is just a summary of the responses in the thread. Butterflies: Pros: Faster in the long term. Does not require sunlight. No Bees Cons: Slow to start Can be a bit...
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    What's wrong with Mettalurgy 3 config in Resonant Rise ?

    This is probably the wrong forum for this, but the mod creators increased the ore-gen in RR, a bit. Though I don't think the metallurgy ores were changed at all. Hold on to 'em, though. The next version of TiCo is getting Metallurgy support, so they'll finally be useful :P In the future, it...
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    My Problem with Minecraft Recently

    My problem is NOT that I got burned out. That did happen, but then I took a break and now I want to play Minecraft, but I have trouble getting through the beginning bits xD I've solved it by playing on a server, though, with the Resonant Rise pack.
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    (Unleashed) The Abstract Challenge Map [WIP] [Skyblock]

    I have no idea. I was actually thinking of vanilla mechanics. Basically, you set the default spawn to the "Death Room" using a bed or something. Then, before you upload the map, you just move to the spawn room, turn off creative, then Save and Exit. The death room should have a button that...
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    My Problem with Minecraft Recently

    Well, I fixed my problem. I grabbed the Resonant Rises pack from the AT Launcher, set up ForgeIRC, and now I sit and chat in #rr while I play. Keeps my mind off the boring stuff, and the Underground Biomes thing makes mining more interesting. I'm also doing it blind to most of the changes in the...
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    My Problem with Minecraft Recently

    I'm sure I'm not the only one who has this problem, but I'm wondering if anyone knows how to get around it. Basically, my problem is that I simply can't get started. I get bored EXTREMELY quickly with mining and the other beginning stuff. I just want to skip to the point where I have automated...
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    Mods Updated to 1.6.X, The Beginnings of a Spreadsheet

    Erm... no. I did not :oops:
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    Mods Updated to 1.6.X, The Beginnings of a Spreadsheet

    I am starting a spreadsheet as I search for mods that are updated. The base reason for this is that I want to play with Thaumcraft 4, but I don't want to leave my other mods behind :P The spreadsheet is here and is currently editable by anyone. At the time of posting this, there is no...
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    So Pokemon X/Y is coming! What's your Game-plan?

    My plan for the release of pokemon X/Y: -- Watch everyone else buy Pokemon X/Y -- Look at my empty wallet. -- Look at my empty bank account. -- Cry myself to sleep.
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    Cookie Clicker

    Here's what I've got so far. All the extra stuff around the window and the shortening of the numbers is from a tool called Cookie Monster. It does a bunch of the boring math stuff for you, to tell you what the most "efficient" next purchase is. It doesn't click...
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    Old Feed the Beast Maps / Packs

    I'm looking for an old version of the FTB map and pack. The map itself was mostly the same (except for some of the challenges, of course, and MAYBE the spawn island, but I'm not sure on that), but the PACK was quite different. It had many more mods than the Retro pack does, including logistics...
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    (Unleashed) The Abstract Challenge Map [WIP] [Skyblock]

    I would play it! :) EDIT cus I just saw this bit: I think the best way to do that would be to set it up so that when the player dies, they spawn in a new area with a button (labelled "Unlock Got Stuck Room" and linked with wireless redstone or something to open up the got stuck area. Or even...
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    The Crimson has spiders in pre-hardmode, too. Go into one of those cave systems in the crimson, and they'll be crawling all over the walls. They've got big, bulbous abdomens. *shudder* I'll repeatedly generate worlds until mine has corruption, insteada crimson when I play >.> EDIT: I just...
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    I like most of the things in the new update, but I can't stand the Crimson, for one simple reason: Those SPIDERS. I have crippling arachnophobia, and those spiders freak me right the hell out. The ones in the spider caves aren't as bad, for some reason, but the Crimson ones literally make me...
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    Vampire the Masquerade Bloodlines! (and a Let's Play)

    Muahahah I just made someone reinstall it. Anyway, I'm doing a Let's Play of this wonderful game on my youtube channel. The first video is here and the second is here. That's all I've got so far. I'm picking up with the next bit later today or tomorrow. I'm using the Clan Quest mod, which...
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    Ars Magica

    According to Mithion, it is so far only allowed in Drewolf20's pack plus one other. So basically, Direwolf20's, and just one of those that you mentioned.
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    Bee Paradise! v0.23alpha, Ultimate Pack v1.0.1

    Honestly, I cheated in Chunk Loaders for doing bees in other dimensions. It gets irritating to have to sit on a 3x3 platform so that your bees work, and you won't even get a reasonable number of honeycombs from them
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    [BETA] Skyblock Unleashed Faithful [ Update 8/8/13]

    Downloaded and started playing. First thing I noticed that will be an issue, besides the lack of RP2 ores: Biomes for bee breeding. We have river, swamp, and something else that I haven't checked, yet. MCEdit can change biomes, as can WorldPainter, I believe. If not that, providing Mystcraft...
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    [BETA] Skyblock Unleashed Faithful [ Update 8/8/13]

    You could make a Redpower Island, which would have a villager with some settings that give them infinite stock, and a couple of powerful regen buffs so he doesn't die. He would give Nikolite and Gems. Dunno what he would want in return, though. That's up to you, really.
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    Confessions: I never ... even though I'm told I should.

    I haven't gotten past basic vanilla crap since I first started playing with mods. Started playing maps like FTB and now I just get bored when I play anything that isn't a challenge map.