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    Server Lag in SSP

    I'm using quite a beefy self-made pack (about roughly 48 mods or so). However, I'm also experiencing a lot of lag from the internal server (can't pick up items, occasionally will teleport to a past location, can't place blocks without a 30 second delay, etc). I have allocated a minimum of 6gb of...
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    Auto calibrating gamma

    Does anybody know of a program or method to automatically change the gamma when a program runs in Windows 7? Automatically as in when the program's window is active, it toggles the gamma right up for max brightness, and when you Alt+Tab out of it it changes it back to normal.
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    Buildcraft Upcoming features:

    This is what buildcraft always needed:
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    Universal Electricity's texturing

    Why do the majority of UE mods have those awful 32x textures? I seriously don't see how this is supposed to draw new players to it.
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    Forge 1.7

    The beast has been unleashed.