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    PAX Challenge

    Thank you for the challenge map, looks great... Just an FYI there's a broken piece of red allow wire at the biomass test. ;)
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    Oh Jaded, where art thou!?

    Anyone have any success in breeding the Jaded Bee :)?
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    Pigmen reflect damage or something else?

    I have a 1x1 kill zone for a series of spawners (2 zombie, 2 skellie, 1 piggy) that fall through a 1 heart left fall for zombie/skellies - ish. The more pigmen in that box when I swing with a sword of the zephyr, the higher the chance I instantly die. This is with 9.5 (grav suit, Quantum...
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    Wireless / chunk loaders & Thaumic devistation

    1) Wireless Redstone - I have a receiver in a MystCraft world, that will not update its signal unless I destroy / replace it. It is my Quarry override switch.. So the question I'm left with as a possibility is do quarries chunk load as they specify even when they don't have power? (The update...
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    Server Hardware

    Anyone know what the new forgecraft server hardware spec is, its performance is spectacular! I'm using a dedicated machine for hosting a server but I"m entirely unhappy with its performance and I'm sure its the AMD core (FX-8150 & MSI 890FXA-GD70) that's holding me up (16GB low latency RAM...
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    Where's my MJs!

    So decisions, decisions. My new base needs real power... previous map I used a LP boiler with an automated peat bog setup to keep it fed, this time I'm considering other avenues. I can get about the same power and expandability with a magmatic engine setup that uses one redstone cell as an...
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    Mystcraft Entities out of Bounds Crash

    Has anyone found a solution for the Myscraft Entity out of bounds crash when an entity passes through a Myscraft portal. I had to delete my mining world to keep my server running as mobs would fall into the fissure and cause crashes as well. Making a new one isn't the issue, its the PITA crash...
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    Direwolf v.4

    Can we consider updating to forge .497 (will it work with 1.4.6?) to fix the Mystcraft entities <-> portals crash issue? Thanks
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    Fir Wood registered correctly

    I'm having issues with Fir wood logs and planks in that they are not registered correctly in several mods, I can't use them interchangeably for vanilla planks to make many items (BC redstone engines for instance) and their saplings aren't recognized by a fermenter. But making Vanilla items...
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    Private Packs - A request

    A request: Have private packs have the ability to have custom configs. This could be accomplished by leaning on a google drive, drop box or other link provided by the server admin to the client and associated to the private key. It would look at this location, and replace standard configs with...
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    DW20 v.3 Issues

    so... loaded the new server pack, added the mods and configs from the minecraft pack just as I had when I first set up server and... It tells me that pretty much all the IC2 items dont' exist.. and then re-renders the spawn. What am I doing wrong, I'm setting this up identically to when...
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    Problem Forge APIs not downloading

    My attempts to install DW20 or minecraft servers both cough up this error, any solutions or do I just need to download them manually? 1) Files do exist as I can download them through the browser, 2) I do have internet access 3) Running bat as administrator or user is same result 4) Java is...
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    Dumping to BC Pipes

    1.4.2 FTB with Enderchests, TE, Factorization all updated to the highest release stable builds I could find. So, say I want to have a dozen different departments that I want to all dump into an enderchest that is then dumped out into my sorting/processing facility. Right now I have a quarry...