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    Whitelist Server ][Direwolf20 Server ][White-Listed][

    InGame Name:VaanUzumaki First/Preferred Name:Vaan Age:18 Do You Understand the Rules And Abide By Them [Y/N]:Y Have You Ever Been Banned From: Ive never been banned Experience With FTB Packs:Im well acquainted with the Direwolf20 pack but still quite new to the rest Describe a Past Build -I...
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    Direwolf20 Pack Won't Update! Please Help!

    switching to a new download server in the advanced options seems to have gotten rid of the Error downloading modpack message but it doesnt seem to ever launch after it gets down updating
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    Direwolf20 Pack Won't Update! Please Help!

    but it is a problem im seeing a few people have including myself. it has been a while since i played ftb and just updated today, i got this message after it started downloading far slower than before and finished about halfway now attempting to download the pack from scratch after...